Ultra4s are Everywhere — 2013 Badlands UMC

April 17th2015
 By Thom Kingston on 2015-04-17T07:00:30-06:00 | Badlands UMC |

The Game of Chase — 2014 Nitto National Championship

April 16th2015

Eyes on the Storm — 2013 American Rocksports Challenge

April 15th2015

The All New Wilwood Bridged 6 Piston Caliper

April 14th2015
 By Thom Kingston on 2015-04-14T14:25:57-06:00 | Wilwood |


Ultra4 is growing, getting faster and more aggressive each and every race. On the quest for better brakes, we recently released our new heat-treated chromoly Pro Series Rotors, http://www.spidertrax.com/Pro-Rotor-5-1-2-BC . Keeping with the theme of making things better, we are proud to release Wildwood’s brand new bridged 6 piston DynaPro caliper . While bridging the caliper goes against the old school Wilwood history (unable to service pads from the top of the caliper), the addition of this bridge adds INCREDIBLE strength for those high psi Ultra4 brake systems, and we are grateful to see Wilwood stepping things, up in a big way. Less flex means more brakes, and a much happier driver & rig.

Learn more about these new 6 piston bridged DynaPro calipers at http://www.spidertrax.com/6-Piston-Bridged-Caliper-RH . Available in both right hand and left hand sides (staged pistons, so side of vehicle does matter), in-stock (as of this post) and ready to ship (same day by 2pm MST). Happy braking!


Jim Marsden takes top honors at the French Xtreme!

April 13th2015
 By Thom Kingston on 2015-04-13T13:53:56-06:00 | French Xtreme |

http://extreme4x4.eu | Paolo Baraldi | © All rights reserved

extreme4x4.eu | Paolo Baraldi | © All rights reserved

Jim Marsden showing off his Spider 9 powered Ultra4 Rover, climbing his way to 1st at this year’s French Xtreme. Be sure to read his incredible story & Paolo’s equally incredible photos over at http://extreme4x4.eu/jim-marsden-about-the-french-xtreme/ . Congrats Jim and Team Gigglepin Racing!