Update from the Floor — April 20, 2016

April 20th2016
 By Thom Kingston on 2016-04-20T09:41:18-06:00 | The Shop |

Update From the Floor -- April 20, 2016

From 6:30 am to 2 am the next morning, it appears we are selling product as fast (faster in some cases) than we can produce. While that’s a good thing, on the one hand, we also pride ourselves on inventory and shipping same day, so there’s the other side as well. Most likely you’re planning your next project soon, with that there’re a few “tips” worth sharing regarding back ordered items.

For Spider 9 Axles…

  1. If you find an item that’s out of stock online, rest assured we are making it in full force. Orders are placed first come first serve; no one jumps the line. Placing an order for a back ordered item will reserve your spot in line if we are selling faster than production (at this very moment a few Spider 9 products have this issue), best to get an order in rather than wait for the item show in-stock.
  2. WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR ITEMS UNTIL THEY SHIP. So, placing an order for a back ordered item reserves your spot in line, and we will not bill you until your order is ready to ship. You may also cancel your order at any time.
  3. We are militant with our ship dates. Typically within 24hrs, you will receive a ship date for your back ordered item. We meet or beat that date nearly every time.

For Wheel Spacers…

  1. Spidertrax distributors are your best place to pick up new Spidertrax Wheel Spacer Kits, as of today. Shop around; we have the best resellers in the market carrying our wheel spacers. To help get that search started, check out 4WheelParts, Quadratec, Northridge4x4, and Morris4x4 for starters. All of these distributors stock our product, and while they could be out of stock on one particular wheel spacer, they will likely have it available before ordering directly from us.
  2. Our outlet store is also a good place to look for your wheel spacers. These are new, never used, blemished products. Think anodizing color being off, something along those lines. First come first serve, you may get lucky and you may not. Worth a try.

With that, back to work we go.

A Few Spiders from the 2016 MetalCloak Stampede

April 13th2016
 By Thom Kingston on 2016-04-13T13:25:00-06:00 | Stampede |

170 of 172 -- 2016 MetalCloak Stampede

A few Spiders we found around the track of the 2016 MetalCloak Stampede in sunny Rancho Cordova, CA. Photos by Thom Kingston licensed under Creating Commons Attribution. Congrats to Shannon Campbell, Jason Scherer, and Erik Miller for taking the top 4400 spots, as well as Jeren Gunter of 4800, Justin Hall of 4500, and Brian Behrend of 4600 for taking those top honored spots. Read more…

Accuracy at Every Step

April 5th2016
 By Thom Kingston on 2016-04-05T12:45:24-06:00 | The Shop |

Accuracy at Every Step

Ultimate Axle Shaft yokes are finding their way into our VF-3 this morning. Today’s work¬†includes a single bore operation for the u-joint cap thru holes (photographed here), as well as fly cutting the insides of both ears for precise u-joint cap spacing. ¬†Accuracy at every step, from start to finish. With that, back to work we go.

Just a little 40 spline Dana 60 action.

April 1st2016
 By Thom Kingston on 2016-04-01T13:38:42-06:00 | The Shop |

40 Splined Dana 60 Goodness

Just a little in-house action of some 40 spline Dana 60 axle shafts, custom manufactured for Sun Fire Off-Road. No doubt these bad boys will find their way to some interesting trails, and obstacles. Make it a great weekend, back to work we go!

Spring time in Colorado.

March 23rd2016
 By Thom Kingston on 2016-03-23T08:01:32-06:00 | The Shop |

Spring Time in Colorado

From 70 deg F to blizzard. Wicked driving conditions. Loss of power at Spidertrax HQ. Welcome to spring time in Colorado.

We’re doing our best to keep things rocking today, but posting this on battery power doesn’t bode well for business as usual. We’re making the call to hold back shipping for today, so all in-stock orders placed today will ship by tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, not much we can do to control the weather. Some day…

As for phones, we’ll try to keep them open today. So far, phone service is happy and well. Granted, we’re working by candlelight, but that just keeps things interesting. Make it a great day, thanks for your patience and understanding while we shovel ourselves out (or wait for tomorrows 50 deg F weather to melt everything away).