Ultimate H1 Portal Axles

January 6th2022
 By Thom Kingston on 2022-01-06T15:03:44-07:00 | Spider 9

We’re no stranger to manufacturing a wide variety of off-road axle shafts. From the humble beginnings of the 26 spline Suzuki Samuari to the more modern 45 spline gun-drilled Ultra4 racer, if there’s a need for something stronger, something more capable, we’re in our comfort zone. So it would come as no surprise when rock crawling legend Tracy Jordan calls us up needing a portal axle shaft not yet invented, we’re full steam ahead.

Portal box axle shafts are traditionally designed around CV joints. There’s some good reason for that, many of these OE style applications depend on that constant velocity for rideability and handling. Moving over to the rock crawling world though, needs change. Serviceability, strength, and steering angle play a bigger role for those looking to tackle the planet’s toughest terrains. So, to take Tracy’s family build to the rock crawling level needed, we designed an end-to-end axle shaft solution to work flawlessly with his H1 Portal Boxes. Enter the Spidertrax Ultimate H1 Portal Axle.

We have designed, manufactured, and of course added to our online store, an axle shaft assembly to take your H1 Portal Box to the next level. Our billet one-piece stub shaft fits perfectly into an H1 Portal Box, with two inner axle shaft options to complement those popular housings & diffs — the Toyota 30 spline and the Ford 31 spline. Connecting the stub and inner axles is a specifically designed CTM 45 Series u-joint, sized like a 1350 OE joint, that completes the assembly. All said and done, this is the strongest, most serviceable, H1 portal axle shaft assembly that packs an unmatched 50° of steering.

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A Spider 9 Powered Batmobile

December 29th2021
 By Thom Kingston on 2021-12-29T12:58:33-07:00 | Spider 9

The Batman, the highly anticipated “likely sequel” to Todd Phillips’ Joker, has been on our radar since 2019. The latest trailer above dropped this week, complete with an expected release date (March of next year), more gritty insight on other highly anticipated characters, and of course more teasing of the latest high-flying Batmobile. We figured why not wait till the movie is released to share a little more of the behind-the-scenes from our perspective, but these trailers have us so excited it’s hard to wait.

Spider 9 IFS drivetrain components are powering this latest trophy truck inspired Batmobile. While not our first time working with exotic movie builds, from the kid-favorite Monster Trucks to the highly reviewed Hobbs and Shaw, there’s something a bit different with this one. Maybe it’s the internet going crazy over these trailers, maybe it’s tied to my own childhood fascination with this particular superhero. Whatever the case, it’s a fun one to talk about and we are honored to be part of the story.

2021 Black Friday Wheel Spacer Blowout!

November 24th2021
 By Thom Kingston on 2021-11-24T08:14:35-07:00 | The Store

Black Friday sales have been a long time tradition at Spidertrax. It’s the one time (the only time, historically) during the year that we extend savings on our products. Last year, in the madness of a pandemic and supply constraints, we elected to put that tradition on pause. This year, the pandemic decided to stick around, inflation is in full swing, and supply constraints are at an all-time high. So our entire team got together and said, SCREW IT, Black Friday is on!

From now until November 29th (4 pm MST), enjoy 10% off along with free shipping on all of our industry-leading Wheel Spacer Kits. Everyone here has been hard at work stocking the shelves to make this year’s Black Friday sale the best yet. At the time of this post, every wheel spacer is in-stock and ready to ship. Simply enter coupon code FRIDAY10 at checkout, and enjoy at least a little normalcy as we head into this Thanksgiving holiday.

Rock Royalty Episode 7

September 17th2021
 By Thom Kingston on 2021-09-17T13:56:01-06:00 | Ultra4

Wheel Spacer Tech

August 14th2021
 By Thom Kingston on 2021-08-14T09:51:44-06:00 | Wheel Spacers

We came across a great tech piece on our Wheel Spacer Kits by John Herrick of Trails Magazine, sister magazine to CRAWL. John has been in the off-road world for a long time, both as a writer, crawler, and racer. His attention to detail shines in this detailed article, covering everything wheel spacers from unboxing to install. John was kind enough to share this article for you here, no doubt you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.