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Should I Be Worried That This Looks Normal To Me

November 17th2008
 By Thom Kingston on 2008-11-17T10:38:18-07:00 | XRRA

This morning I was working on porting all of our Google Videos over to our new YouTube account “Spidertrax TV” at http://www.youtube.com/user/SpidertraxTV. After uploading the various videos ranging from competition footage to in-house manufacturing, I had to laugh at myself when I can across this one titled “Roll Over Recovery Made Easy”.

At first, I watched it as if nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Here is a vehicle rolling down a hill and then is lucky enough to land on all four tires. As if that wasn’t enough, the driver just moves on as if nothing had happened.

Having been involved in this line of business for over a decade now, watching vehicles roll has become common place in my mind. A little scary now that I sit back and think about what is actually happening in this video. From a perceptive outside this sport, this has to be complete insanity! I will have to do a better job in remembering this when talking to others about what I do :-).