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Qualifying down, RCQ to follow.

June 1st2012
 By Thom Kingston on 2012-06-01T18:10:31-06:00 | Rausch Creek, Ultra4


With a bit of luck, we managed to beat the east coast rain and get all drivers successfully, and safely, thru qualifying. How did qualifying work? Each racer had the opportunity to run a qualifying lap with tomorrow’s starting order matching today’s times. Qualifying is optional, so electing to skip today puts you in the back of the pack tomorrow.

When the dust settled, three Spider 9 powered teams claimed the top three (always cool to see). Namely Derek West, Erik Miller, & Jason Scherer of which are pictured above. The complete list of qualifying times where as follows:

Derek West 4420 01:24.6
Erik Miller 4421 01:28.7
Jason Scherer 76 01:30.6
Bill Baird 5252 01:33.3
Chicky Barton 144 01:39.9
Lucas Murphy 816 01:45.6
Jason Shipman 4414 01:45.9
Sean Rose 914 01:46.6
Mike Feagins 4456 01:47.0
Ritchie Keller 202 01:48.5
Travis Watford 4429 01:54.1
Jonathan Terhune 4498 01:55.5
Mat Noualy 328 01:57.7
Tony Rietdorf 302 01:57.7
Jim Lambert 327 01:59.0
John Sweet 366 02:03.6
Shawn Fisher 419 02:04.0
Dan Guyer 58 02:05.2
Mike Colville 4418 02:05.2
Bill Gilbert 696 02:09.4
AK Watley 808 02:10.1
Kim Matzen 4436 02:27.5
Tim Egenolf 771 02:46.7

Remember, qualifying was optional so not all teams competing tomorrow are on this list.

So, there you have it. A great day of qualifying, with a great day of racing to follow. Tomorrow, when the green flag drops, we’ll be working alongside Ultra4 once again providing live photos throughout the day. Be sure to check those out, while being part of the live chat, at http://www.ultra4racing.com/live tomorrow (Saturday June 2nd) at 10 am EST. Best of luck to all drivers & teams!