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Fast Start, Fast Finish — 2013 Widia Rausch Creek Qualifier

April 15th2013
 By Thom Kingston on 2013-04-15T08:52:48-06:00 | Rausch Creek

Fast Start, Fast Finish -- 2013 Widia Rausch Creek QualifierSpidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

Once again, driver skill & attrition played keyed roles in the latest of Ultra4 competitions. The 2013 Widia Rausch Creek Qualifier went down last Saturday, in the unpredictable weathered terrain of Pennsylvania’s Rausch Creek Off-Road Park. Maybe unpredictable is the wrong description here, every year seems to bring a delicate balance of fog and rain that no other Ultra4 race delivers. No complaints, of course, it’s the weather and course structure that make Rausch Creek so unique in the Ultra4 series.

So, who won? Top honor’s go to Derek West and his Spider 9 powered Ultra4, who took to this year’s course with just the right mixture of speed and consistency   His laps were so consistent, in fact, that we were able to pace and shoot the entire race off his lap times. Right behind Derek was former King Erik Miller and his Spider 9 powered Ultra4, who in-spite of suffering two flats and an unhappy motor, finished less than two minutes behind Derek. With that, congrats to both Derek West (1st) and Erik Miller (2nd), and their hard-working teams, for an incredibly run race.

We get a little break from rock racing competition with the next Ultra4, the 4 Wheel Parts Glen Helen Grand Prix, not happening until May 25th. Till then, we’ll be posting up a few photos from the 2013 Widia Rausch Creek Qualifier right here, throughout the week.

Finish Car # Driver Name Total Elapsed Time
1 4420 Derek West 3:18:11.9
2 4421 Erik Miller 3:19:57.0
3 5 Shannon Campbell 3:53:21.3
4 4414 Jason Shipman 3:57:39.3
5 890 Jonathan Terhune 5:09:24.1
6 816 Lucas Murphy 5:10:24.1
7 327 Jim Lambert 5:11:55.9
8 4418 Mike Colville 5:14:48.2
9 4108 Tim Smoluk 5:22:29.0
10 49 Matt Burkett 5:34:16.0
11 929 Mike Feagins 5:53:41.2
DNF 4413 Doug Bigelow
DNF 9 Scott Decker
DNF 4408 Stan Haynes
DNF 4447 Jay Eisenhardt
DNF 4343 Tim Diekman
DNF 808 Ak Watley
DNF 302 Tony Reitdorf
DNF 328 Matt Noulay
DNF 222 Jay Hopko
DNF 4573 Robert Matzell
DNF 513 Craig Jerson
DNF 4436 Kim Matzen
DNF 338 Matthew Peterson
DNF 4644 Tom Yash
DNF 4580 Jordan Townsend
DNF 4121 John Ripoll
DNF 4452 Will Carter
DNF 5252 Bill Baird
DNF 6145 Chris Schaffner

Source: Ultra4Racing.com