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An Ultimate Housing refresh.

July 9th2014
 By Thom Kingston on 2014-07-09T09:37:52-06:00 | Spider 9



Not that long ago, we worked on a radical refresh for our Pro Series Housing. That update included the option of running 10” gears for strength and wear life, longer axle tubes for better project flexibility, and cleaner tig welds because they just look bitchin’. Since then, our Pro Series Housing has become one of our most popular housings ever made, but where’s the love for our original Ultimate Housing?

Love is in the air our fellow wheelers, today the Spider 9 Ultimate Housing gets a refresh just like its Pro brother. Our 3-1/2” OD x 1/4” wall Ultimate Housing now accepts 10” gears, measures 68” end to end, and is also tig finished because it’s nice to look pro. Best part? Price is still the same, $699 a housing. As of writing this post, housings are in-stock and are shipping same day. Learn even more (and order) at http://www.spidertrax.com/Ultimate-Housing .