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2015 King of Portugal: Race Day 2

September 16th2015

If you want the best rocks outside King of the Hammers, you’ll have to make the trek to Vimioso, Portugal. Sadly, an Ultra4 scheduling conflict had me picking between my favorite children, and not seeing my east coast Ultra4 family all year I found myself in Hot Springs last weekend for the Ultra4s at Hot Springs race (which was amazing, that story coming later this week). Luckily, we’ve made some great friends over the years from across the pond, with Robb Pritchard and team putting together some amazing videos and photos throughout the KOP race. Read more…

2015 King of Portugal: Race Day 1

September 12th2015

Still waiting for the dust to settle, results are a bit unclear after the 1st day of Portugal racing. Outside of massive carnage all the way around, best we know teams and drivers are safe & having a blast. Today (Saturday) marks the final day of King of Portugal racing, we’ll post a video up with results as soon as we get it wrapped up.

2015 King of Portugal: Prologue Ride Along

September 11th2015

The 2015 King of Portugal is currently underway. Here’s a little in-cab video from Thursday’s Prologue to keep us busy. Race day video updates will be posted over the next two days, be sure to stop back to check those out.┬áBest of luck to all drivers and teams!