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Our little chat with Off-Road The Planet.

February 16th2016
Off-Road The Planet | Robb Pritchard | © 2016 All Rights Reserved

Off-Road The Planet | Robb Pritchard | © 2016 All Rights Reserved

There’s a number of perks that come from attending Ultra4 races around the globe. Witnessing Spider 9 world domination in-person is one of them, that’s obvious, but beyond proving our products is a chance to meet some of the most amazing people on this planet. One of the most talented off-road journalists I’ve ever run across is Robb Pritchard, who runs Off-Road The Planet while also working with the folks over at Mad Media. Like many great minds, Robb takes a bit to warm up to, but once you do you’ll easily see why his work is way above the crowd.

Robb and I finally had a chance to “sit down” and talk a little about what we do here at Spidertrax, among other off-road related items. He recently published this interview HERE, and I think it’s well worth the read. Be sure to check that out, and don’t forget to subscribe to Off-Road The Planet while you’re there. Following travels through the eyes of Robb is nothing short of an amazing adventure.

With that, back to work we go.