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Wilwood Vented Rotors & Spidertrax Brake Hats

March 3rd2017

Ultra4 continues to push the envelope, and the drivers who are mad enough to race the series are pushing that envelope even further. While many races still benefit from a solid rotor design (think east coast races, King of the Hammers) there are new Ultra4 races that are demanding more temperature control for the brakes. Think the Ultra4 Nationals or the Fallon 250, some races would simply benefit from a vented rotor design. With that, we are proud to partner up with Wilwood, once again, to bring the Wilwood GT Vented Rotor to the Ultra4 world. Learn more about all these new brake components at .

Your “Unofficial” 2016 Ultra4 Series Champions

September 20th2016
2016 West Coast Champ Erik Miller (Left) -- 2016 East Coast Champ Jason Shipman (Right)

2016 West Coast Champ Erik Miller (Left) — 2016 East Coast Champ Jason Shipman (Right)

Granted, this is highly unofficial as final results are not confirmed until after the Nationals race in October. With that out-of-the-way, congrats to Erik Miller for taking the 2016 West Coast Series (Spider 9 Solid Axle) and Jason Shipman for taking the 2016 East Coast Series (Spider 9 IFS). The National Series title is still too close to call, so we’ll have to wait till October 22nd on that one. Points Standings courtesy of

Just a little 40 spline Dana 60 action.

April 1st2016

40 Splined Dana 60 Goodness

Just a little in-house action of some 40 spline Dana 60 axle shafts, custom manufactured for Sun Fire Off-Road. No doubt these bad boys will find their way to some interesting trails, and obstacles. Make it a great weekend, back to work we go!

Lightweight rotors make it to Harry’s Chevy Tracker project.

November 4th2015
4WOR | Harry Wagner | © 2015 All Rights Reserved

4Wheel & Off-Road | Harry Wagner | © 2015 All Rights Reserved

One of the more obvious appeals to our Spider 9 product line is in the versatility of components. It’s common to find Spider 9 parts on other types of axles, and Spider 9 brakes are likely the most often seen “mix and matched” part. In this article in 4WHEEL & OFF-ROAD, Harry Wagner finds clever ways of reducing weight in his Chevy Tracker (aka Suzuki Sidekick) project with Spider 9 Cross Drilled Rotors & Brake Hats. These cross drilled rotors are no longer on our website now that Ultra4 has moved away from this type of design and more toward our Ultimate & Pro Series Rotors. However, we still offer this cross drilled rotor design so if they are a match for your current project just give us a call. [As of this post, we have a few of these rotors discounted in our Outlet store HERE.]

All New Pro Series 40 Spline Inner Axle Shafts

October 28th2015


Full 300M shaft & yoke. 50 degrees of steering. Because race car. Visit for details. Happy Wednesday.