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Spidertrax 40 Splined 300M Billet Series 30 Outer Stub Shafts

November 23rd2015


The Ultra4 trend these days seems to be “go big or go home”. Granted, if you want to be on top there’s a fine line of making things just strong enough, it’s this that separates basic design from solid engineering. In the case of IFS outer stub shafts however, moving over to 40 spline just makes good sense.

First, we work with the same billet material as 35 spline IFS stubs, so there’s no cost difference in manufacturing. That’s a big win, but it gets better still. While outer IFS stub shaft failures are near non-existent, as we continue to push the boundaries of Ultra4 racing, increasing the stub shaft diameter will likely become necessary. Since we already manufacture  Ultimate Unit Bearings in 40 spline, making IFS 40 spline outer stub shafts was an obvious fit.

So there you have it. Spidertrax 40 Splined 300M Billet Series 30 Outer Stub Shafts are available on our online store, in-stock as of this post.

Spider 9 IFS in a JK? You bet!

November 13th2015


SEMA never disappoints. Wes and the folks over at Amanda have been busy crafting something very unique for this year’s SEMA, and we couldn’t help but share. This video shows off a prototype JK IFS suspension, using Spider 9 IFS components, and without a question this one wins the “thinking outside of the box” award. Sort of a hybrid between a TTB & a-arm suspension, with one goal in mind — packaging as much travel as possible into the smallest space possible. In the end, they pulled off 16″ of front wheel travel into a very tight space, and it’s just a cool thing to see. Hope you enjoy this one, with that make it a great weekend!

Sweet Tom Wayes Video from Glen Helen

August 25th2015

Tom Wayes doing what he does best, always a blast to watch. This sweet video was created by HeavyMetalConcepts and produced for ICON Vehicle Dynamics, showing off their ICON Ultra4 shock package. Tom is running not only a full Spider 9 IFS setup, but the very first prototype every built. Debuted at the 2012 King of the Hammers by Jason Scherer, this original Spider 9 IFS is still running strong even to this day. Pretty amazing, and always exciting to see Tom in the seat of one amazing rig.

Passion in design, passion in manufacturing.

August 21st2015
Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

We’re not the cheapest. We don’t set out to be the most expensive either. Making a part right is all we’re after. From engineering to manufacturing, we cut no corner, striving only for the best while staying true to who we are. We put it all on the table as they say… like this Spider 9 IFS housing getting some precision post-weld CNC machining today. From concept to reality, there’s nothing better than spending your days loving what you do. We appreciate all your support as always, make it a great weekend!

The Red Dragon Strikes Again

July 15th2015
The Redline Projects | Ryan Del Ponte | © All Rights Reserved

The Redline Projects | Ryan Del Ponte | © All Rights Reserved

Last weekend, Loren Healy pulled off another amazing win at the Glen Helen Grand Prix. Powered by Spider 9 IFS, Loren drove his Red Dragon to a nail biting 1st place finish, claiming this race as “one of the hardest races of my career”.  With so many fast & talented drivers these days, it’s easy to see just how hard fought this race was. To date, this marks 7 out of 8 race wins for Loren in his new Ultra4, clearly re-defining what it means to be on the cutting edge. Congrats Loren, always great seeing you on top of the podium!

For more details of this years Glen Helen Grand Prix, be sure to check out DrivingLine and official race results from Ultra4Racing.