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2017 Ultra4 Schedule

November 4th2016
Hammerking Productions | © 2016 All Rights Reserved

Hammerking Productions | © 2016 All Rights Reserved

This is relatively old news now, but we haven’t had a chance to post the official 2017 Ultra4 schedule; it’s just crazy busy! So, here it is, and as sometimes happens we have two new surprises in store for next year. Both kickoff races for the East and West series have new venues, which is both an exciting and nerve-racking way to start the year.

For the West series, drivers will find themselves in Sierra Blanca, TX. I’ve heard of this venue being in the works for some time, but can’t add anything of value here outside of that. It replaces Glen Helen, which I know drivers love but from a spectator standpoint it leaves less to be desired. It’s all new to us, but we’ll be in TX all the same. Outside of the venue itself, one bit worth mentioning is its more central location which will be nice for those East Coast guys taking on the West.

For the East series, drivers will find themselves in Davis, OK. I’ve heard of this venue being in the works from a semi-underground last year rumor that Hot Springs was off the table. Too bad on Hot Springs, I quite love that place, but it is what it is. As with the West series kickoff race, I have nothing of value to add regarding Davis, so I’ll be learning the ropes along with the rest of you. It’s nice to have a central location in the East as well; we’ve had west coast guys showing up more and more in the East series, so a few less miles of travel is always appreciated.

With that, we can’t wait for 2017!

The 2016 Ultra4 Racing Schedule

November 20th2015 | Ultra4 | © 2015 All Rights Reserved | Ultra4 | © 2015 All Rights Reserved

While we count the days to the start of the 2016 King of the Hammers (just 71 days!), let’s not forget that KOH is just the start of the 2016 Ultra4 racing season. Ultra4 has officially released next years racing schedule (pictured here) and we are in for another amazing year. No crazy surprises or upsets here, it’s pretty much an identical repeat of our 2015 season. The only officially ironed out bit for 2016 is the commitment to the VORRA 250, which was added after the fact in 2015.

With that, for you computer nerds we have a published version of the complete racing schedule HERE. Should work nicely with your favorite calendar program, best not to miss a race after all.

That’s it for today, have a great weekend!

The all new Spider 9 IFS Product Line

May 4th2015

Spider 9 IFS

Spider 9 IFS, our most advanced Ultra4 product line, is in-stock & ready to ship. With over 3 years of testing, and 6 1st place finishes last year alone, we’re happy to say this new product line is more than ready.

Welcome to the next level of Ultra4 racing.

Ultra4 Class Differences, a Brief Overview

March 18th2015

Saturday Morning Traffic -- 2014 Discount Tire American Rocksports Challenge recently posted an overview of the different racing classes now in play this 2015 season. The sport has grown so much, I find review posts like this helpful to stay on course, and as such wanted to share it with you here. Original post can be found at , and as stated there, if you plan on building a rig for Ultra4 don’t rely on this summary post alone, read the official Rule Book. Read more…

CARtoon’d Erik Miller

January 24th2015


Michele Dallorso has been crafting his “CARtoons” for some time now. If you’re a frequent browser of the Book of Faces, you’ve probably seen his work show up in all art forms including posters, t-shirt designs, desktop background, etc. The folks over at DrivingLine caught on to his talent pretty quick, and for some time now has been featuring Michele’s work in a series called CARtoons. The latest installment features non other than Erik Miller, who has just loaded up the trailer for his over 2,400 mile ONE WAY trip to Johnson Valley, California (#koh2015 baby!).

We love these CARtoons, just one more element to add into all things that are great about Ultra4. Learn more about the background of this CARtoon at , and be sure to check out more of Michele’s work on DrivingLine at .

#koh2015 week starts in t-minus 8 days and counting.