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King of the Hammers Update for February 27, 2009

February 28th2009
 By Thom Kingston on 2009-02-28T12:48:53-07:00 | The Rock Bug

As many of you know, not all things go as planned.  Late Thursday night, right about the time I was writing our last blog post, a decision was made between Tracy, his support team, & Eddie that did indeed change the fate of the Rock Bug and its place at the 2009 King of the Hammers.  The entire team planned on changing the torque converter as the stall speed was not properly set from the transmission builder.  With some last minute rock crawling testing to absolutely confirm the torque converter issue, it was also realized that the low end torque of the motor, as it was built, was far from ideal for rock crawling.  At this point they discussed the option of outfitting last years Twisted Customs rig to run on race day instead of the Rock Bug.  This was mainly out of fear of severely damaging the Rock Bug’s Scat V4 motor before its ultimate purpose of competing in W.E.Rock’s Pro Class just a few weeks away.  Well, to make this bad story even worse, on race day Tracy and Eddie suffered a serious 60 mph roll over crash in the Twisted rig which took them out of the race early on.  The Twisted rig is in severe condition but thankfully both Tracy and Eddie are safe.

So as not to completely kill your day with this entry, there is indeed some good news in the end.  Spidertrax Spider 9 Axles & components dominated this year’s King of the Hammers!  A special congratulations goes out to two Spider 9 equipped teams: 1st place finisher, and the all new King if you will, Jason Scherer as well as Randy Slawson who took 2nd to Jason by a difference of only 5 minutes.  Six of the top ten finishers this year were outfitted with Spider 9 Axles & components with even more Spider 9 equipped teams in the list of those who completed the race, an extremely high honor within itself.  So, a very sincere THANKS goes out to all of the teams who have supported Spidertrax and our efforts with the Spider 9 product line.  Congratulations!

List of Top 10 Teams Running Spider 9 Axles & Components
1st: Jason Scherer (4:42)
2nd: Randy Slawson (4:47)
5th: JR VanOrtwick (6:02)
6th: Brad Lovell (6:05)
8th: Adam Woodlee (6:19)
9th: Joachim Schwiesow (6:23)

It is just the beginning of the season and the Rock Bug still lives on.  We have a few things to resolve so everything is as it should be in time for W.E.Rock.  Until then, life does indeed go on and we will see you once again real soon.