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Ultra4 Class Differences, a Brief Overview

March 18th2015

Saturday Morning Traffic -- 2014 Discount Tire American Rocksports Challenge recently posted an overview of the different racing classes now in play this 2015 season. The sport has grown so much, I find review posts like this helpful to stay on course, and as such wanted to share it with you here. Original post can be found at , and as stated there, if you plan on building a rig for Ultra4 don’t rely on this summary post alone, read the official Rule Book. Read more…

A Year of Ultra4: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Heading now on DrivingLine!

January 8th2015

Our latest Ultra4 recap, “A Year of Ultra4: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Heading”, has just landed on DrivingLine at . There’s something for everyone in this article, with a goal of nothing more than getting us all pumped up for the 2015 Ultra4 race season. Enjoy!

While you’re over at DrivingLine, please hit that like/heart button on the bottom of the article, they are putting a lot into 2015 coverage and we want to show them how passionate we are about Ultra4. Thanks in advance for doing that, means a lot!

With that, #koh2015 in t-minus 29 days and counting.

Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

A few updates for Ultra4 2015.

December 26th2014

The 2015 race season hasn’t yet started, but we already have ourselves some big changes newly minted. Dave Cole dropped some big news on Christmas Eve, and while this “Holiday Greetings from Dave Cole” letter was focused primarily on the 2015 Ultra4 European Tour, the domestic tour has been impacted a bit as well. Summary of changes as follows: Read more…

Flex Meets Speed — 2014 King of Portugal

October 6th2014

Jason Scherer’s new IFS is getting close.

May 19th2014


If you missed the latest installment of Jason Scherer’s new IFS race build, nicknamed The Gavel, time to head over to ( ) for the latest update. It’s looking great, really great in fact, and easily one of sexiest IFS builds yet. Nothing better on a Monday than a sweet Ultra4 build with sweet behind the scenes photos. Enjoy.

Source: DrivingLine | The Clock Keeps Ticking – Part 3 of Jason Scherer’s Innovative New ULTRA4 Car.