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Sweet Tom Wayes Video from Glen Helen

August 25th2015

Tom Wayes doing what he does best, always a blast to watch. This sweet video was created by HeavyMetalConcepts and produced for ICON Vehicle Dynamics, showing off their ICON Ultra4 shock package. Tom is running not only a full Spider 9 IFS setup, but the very first prototype every built. Debuted at the 2012 King of the Hammers by Jason Scherer, this original Spider 9 IFS is still running strong even to this day. Pretty amazing, and always exciting to see Tom in the seat of one amazing rig.

The all new Spider 9 IFS Product Line

May 4th2015

Spider 9 IFS

Spider 9 IFS, our most advanced Ultra4 product line, is in-stock & ready to ship. With over 3 years of testing, and 6 1st place finishes last year alone, we’re happy to say this new product line is more than ready.

Welcome to the next level of Ultra4 racing.

Always nice to see.

January 8th2013

Always nice to see.Now these are the kind of returns we like to see. In preparation for King of the Hammers, Jason Scherer shipped back his Spider 9 IFS parts for general inspection. Best he knew, parts were just fine, but for a race like King of the Hammers it’s always best to be prepared.

So, after a season of Ultra4 racing, including the top honors spot Jason grabbed at The PSC Brawl in Blackwell, how well did his Spider 9 IFS prototype parts hold up? In one word, flawless.

All four Ultimate Unit Bearings are as tight as the day we shipped them, and shafts are straight as an arrow. Since parts are already torn down, we’ll set Jason up with two new IFS stub shaft bearings and seals just to be safe, but that’s it. These parts are ready for another season.

Always nice to see prototype parts in action, handling their job as they were intended. That’s our look back, time to move forward. Back to work we go.