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Ultra4s Take on the Fallon 250

August 30th2015
Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

Diversity is the beauty of Ultra4. From rock crawling to short course, to tree dodging to more short course, Ultra4s offer a unique blend of slow meets fast racing that no other class can match. When it came time to find a new home for this year’s final western series race, picking a desert venue seemed fitting. Ultra4 is no stranger to the desert, Silver State 300 & Vegas to Reno come immediately to mind. In the spirt of trying something new, this year we found ourselves home to the VORRA Fallon 250, which took place last Saturday. Read more…

Ultimate Summer Camp Jeep

August 28th2015
Ricky B Media | Ricky Berry | © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Ricky B Media | Ricky Berry | © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Fred Williams is at it again. Two years back, we worked alongside Ultimate Adventure as the official axle sponsor, and it was that year Fred built himself a rear steer Spider 9 powered JK. Fred is always thinking outside the box, and this year’s Ultimate Adventure was no exception.

We teamed up once again with the Ultimate Adventure group, official axle sponsor and all, and once again worked alongside Fred on his latest creation. This years build was a bit more back to basics, well that plus a ton of high-end axle parts. He built himself the Ultimate Summer Camp Jeep, and it’s cool as hell.

The stories are unfolding thru Petersen’s 4Wheel & Offroad with a ton (arguably more) coverage happening online. Check out Fred’s latest article, ULTIMATE SUMMER CAMP JEEP GETS PRETTY PAINT & POWDER, giving a little more behind the scenes details with the Jeep itself.

Spidertrax is the official axle sponsor of the 2015 Ultimate Adventure.

Some Machines Never Sleep

August 27th2015

Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

Some machines never sleep. Like our DMG Mori NHX 4000 pictured here, using two workstations to machine 16 Spidertrax Wheel Spacers per run. Since 1999, we’ve been manufacturing our wheel spacers in-house. While our machines have gotten a bit fancier, our passion and attention to detail remain unchanged. Know when you purchase a Spidertrax Wheel Spacer Kit, it’s being crafted under one roof, with over 16 years of engineering & manufacturing experience. Made in USA, it’s just how we do it.

Sweet Tom Wayes Video from Glen Helen

August 25th2015

Tom Wayes doing what he does best, always a blast to watch. This sweet video was created by HeavyMetalConcepts and produced for ICON Vehicle Dynamics, showing off their ICON Ultra4 shock package. Tom is running not only a full Spider 9 IFS setup, but the very first prototype every built. Debuted at the 2012 King of the Hammers by Jason Scherer, this original Spider 9 IFS is still running strong even to this day. Pretty amazing, and always exciting to see Tom in the seat of one amazing rig.

Outboard Seals for your Spider 9

August 24th2015


As they say, sometimes it’s the little things. The all new Spider 9 Outboard Seal makes sealing toward the wheel side of your Spider 9 housing painless and easy. Works great for rear ends looking for larger Spider 9 housing oil capacity. Works great for front ends looking to keep dirt and debris out of Spider 9 housing tubes. Simple, effective, in-stock and ready to ship. Head over to our product page for details, . Happy Monday!