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Trophy Truck Axle Shafts

November 13th2023

As our line of axle shafts continues to grow, it continues to push the limits of off-road racing. Introducing our latest “Trophy Truck” inspired axle shaft, the 36 Splined Gun Drilled Full Float Axle. Turned from billet 300M aerospace alloy, every shaft is vacuum quenched, deep freezed, and double tempered. With a 2″ effective shaft diameter and a massive 1-3/8″ end-to-end thru-hole, it’s also one of the strongest and lightest axle shafts we have ever made. Head over to the store to learn more.

Fun-Haver Debuts “El Bandito”

November 3rd2023

We just received this fresh press release from Team RTR, no doubt just in time for SEMA! Let’s dive right in.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, OCTOBER 31 2023 – While we might be squinting in the desert sun of Las Vegas, Fun-Haver Off-Road’s all-new Ford Bronco Baja Runner is right at home. This Bronco was built ignoring all official rule books and is bound only by the fun Vaughn and Loren can dream up, from drifting to jumping and all the things that the desert can throw at it. Built in collaboration with Kibbetech to handle some of the most extreme desert fun on the planet the Fun-Haver Off-Road team has opted to name this lawless dream build, “El Bandito”, a reference to the outlaws of yesteryear that would roam Mexico and the American Southwest.

Known as Bronco “55”, this was an early marketing unit destined for the crusher but was brought back to life with an exterior that’s undoubtedly off-road and bold. What’s under the hood might offer a bit of a surprise, however. Powering this off-road menace is Ford Performance’s crate supercharged 5.2L engine, the same featured in the famed GT500. Though off the lot you’re looking at around 760hp in the GT500, the Fun-Haver Off-Road team pushed that number up to around 1,000 HP by way of a Whipple 3.8L supercharger for this one-of-a-kind Bronco.

Quote from Vaughn: I am so pumped on El Bandito! Inspired by Ultra4 and Baja we set out to build our most crazy looking, capable, and Fun Bronco to date, and our team absolutely nailed it! One thousand horsepower, a handbrake and all the FOX controlled suspension travel is going to guarantee smiles for miles on the ground, and in the air, for Loren and me!

Anyone who has ever faced desert terrains knows that power alone isn’t enough to conquer the domain which is why “El Bandito” features the FOX controlled suspension setup dreams are made of. Utilizing the same suspension design by Triton Engineering that mirrors the Fun-Haver Off-Road team’s Ultra4 Racing Broncos, 20-inch travel front and 26-inch rear. FOX 2.5 Coil Overs with 3.5/4” bypasses and 2.0 bumps help ensure a smooth ride in open desert while offering crawl capabiliAes when faced with rock challenges.

Quote from Loren: We have been dreaming of this Bronco build for years, it’s so awesome to see it come to life! To me this is the ul<mate mashup represen<ng my love of Ultra 4 and Baja and one of the most unique Broncos in existence. This is definitely my favorite Fun-Haver
Bronco build!

If you’re in Las Vegas for the annual SEMA Show, be sure to catch “El Bandito” in acAon smoking 42” NiRo Trail Grapplers mulAple Ames a day at the Shell Performance Unbound DriX Experience alongside the RTR Vehicles’ DriX Team located in the silver lot.

About Fun-Haver Off-Road

Fun-Haver Off-Road is a King of the Hammers and mulAple Ultra 4 championship winning race team created by Vaughn Gi_n Jr. and Loren Healy. In addiAon to content creaAon and life changing consumer experience events, Fun-Haver Off-Road has taken its over 30 years of experience to create a line of products for the enthusiast that demands the best proven products that are available at

A. Base Vehicle
• 2023 Ford Bronco two-door
• Ford Performance crate supercharged 5.2L; Pennzoil race oil • TH 400 transmission from Gearworks
• Pennzoil race oil
• ECU – Ford Performance control pack (tuned by HP Tuners) • Holley dash
• Race Pak switch panels and PDU’s
• Fuel Safe 40 gallon cell with AeromoAve A1000 fuel pumps

B. Powertrain
• Atlas 2 transfer case
• Je Reel Drive ShaXs
• Spidertrax 10” housings, brakes, hubs, axle shafts, front and rear. 74 welds race portals, front, swaybars
• RCV performance CV’s
• Gearworks 10” third members with 40 spline ARBs
• Custom exhaust built by Kibbetech and wrapped with Header Shield Inconel • CBR cooling package

C. Chassis
• Suspension design by Triton Engineering, idenAcal to FHOR team race trucks (20” travel

front, 25” rear)
• 92” wide track width, 120” Wheelbase
• Fox 2.5 Coil Overs, 3.5/4” bypasses and 2.0 bumps • Wildwood brakes
• Power Steering SoluAons steering

D. Wheels & Tires
• Fun-Haver Off-Road 20” double bead locks • 42” NiRo Trail Grapplers

E. Exterior
• FHOR designed fiberglass and carbon fiber dash built by Fiberwrx • PROJECTX HP70 light bar and FF.70 headlights
• Warn 9.0 RC winch and factor 55 recovery equipment

F. Interior
• RECARO Sportster Seats