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Your “Unofficial” 2016 Ultra4 Series Champions

September 20th2016
2016 West Coast Champ Erik Miller (Left) -- 2016 East Coast Champ Jason Shipman (Right)

2016 West Coast Champ Erik Miller (Left) — 2016 East Coast Champ Jason Shipman (Right)

Granted, this is highly unofficial as final results are not confirmed until after the Nationals race in October. With that out-of-the-way, congrats to Erik Miller for taking the 2016 West Coast Series (Spider 9 Solid Axle) and Jason Shipman for taking the 2016 East Coast Series (Spider 9 IFS). The National Series title is still too close to call, so we’ll have to wait till October 22nd on that one. Points Standings courtesy of

2016 Maxxis Tyres King of Portugal Race Recap

September 19th2016

Off Road The Planet | Robb Pritchard | © 2016 All Rights Reserved

For its fourth year the King of Portugal, the jewel in the crown of the ULTRA4 Europe calendar, attracted a massive entry of nearly 40 cars, by far the largest ever gathering of the most extreme off-road race cars on this fair continent.

The short but varied prologue threw up its customary spectacle and drama. Belgium’s Axel Burmann continued his incredible run of bad luck grinding to a halt with transmission failure an oil pressure issue while at the opposite end of the spectrum was Emanual Costa, who played to the crowd by getting some motocross style air on the jumps. It was an incredible performance and one that everyone expected to be repeated out on the first 18km lap through the gorgeous countryside around Vimioso… Read more…

Jason Scherer wins the 2016 Ultra4 Fallon 250.

September 16th2016
Redline Projects | Ryan Del Ponte | © 2016 All Rights Reserved

Redline Projects | Ryan Del Ponte | © 2016 All Rights Reserved

While we’ve been promoting Jason’s win on our main welcome page at, we have yet to post about it on the blog. Having just received the official press release for Jason Scherer’s camp, we figured now’s a good time to share. Press Release in full included below, once again congratulations to Jason and his team for taking this year’s Fallon 250! Read more…

Double Shear Rear Caliper Mounts

September 8th2016


Brakes are a hot topic these days, and it’s not just because Ultra4 racers are going faster and driving harder. Today’s series races demand stronger and more responsive brakes, from short course style races like the MetalCloak Stampede to desert venues like the Fallon 250. As such, we’ve phased out our single shear rear caliper brackets for a new double shear version that is stronger many times over, and more affordable as well. For all the product details on our latest Double Shear Rear Caliper Mount, head over to the Spidertrax Store.

Journey to the Hammers Show Schedule

September 1st2016
Ultra4 Racing | © 2016 All Rights Reserved

Ultra4 Racing | © 2016 All Rights Reserved

The Every Man Challenge airs tonight, with a recently moved series time to 7PM Pacific and 10PM Eastern. This positions Ultra4 into an even better time slot, which is a good thing to see. Realizing we hadn’t posted the show schedule (subject to change of course), we wanted to share that with you here.

8/25 – King of the Motos
9/1 – EMC
9/8 – KOH 1hr Special (watch for our commercial!)
9/15 – Ultra4 Rounds 1 & 2
9/22 – Ultra4 Rounds 3 & 4
9/24 – Ultra4 Rounds 5 & 6

And of course, best of luck to all drivers and teams this weekend at the Fallon 250!