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The All New Wilwood Bridged 6 Piston Caliper

April 14th2015


Ultra4 is growing, getting faster and more aggressive each and every race. On the quest for better brakes, we recently released our new heat-treated chromoly Pro Series Rotors, . Keeping with the theme of making things better, we are proud to release Wildwood’s brand new bridged 6 piston DynaPro caliper . While bridging the caliper goes against the old school Wilwood history (unable to service pads from the top of the caliper), the addition of this bridge adds INCREDIBLE strength for those high psi Ultra4 brake systems, and we are grateful to see Wilwood stepping things, up in a big way. Less flex means more brakes, and a much happier driver & rig.

Learn more about these new 6 piston bridged DynaPro calipers at . Available in both right hand and left hand sides (staged pistons, so side of vehicle does matter), in-stock (as of this post) and ready to ship (same day by 2pm MST). Happy braking!


Wilwood 6 piston calipers with Ultra4 optimized brake pads, now available.

August 7th2012

We’re happy to add Wilwood 6 Piston Calipers to the Spidertrax product line. Although these calipers have been on the market for some time, it is only recent that we have been able to secure a brake compound pad that is specifically optimized for Ultra4 racing. So, alongside the 6 piston caliper is also Wilwood’s brand new E compound brake pad specific for this caliper. The E compound brake pads have been Ultra4 tried and tested for years in Wilwood’s 4 piston caliper, so to have this already proven pad compound in the 6 piston version is a very, very big deal.

To learn more about the advantages of Wilwood’s 6 Piston Calipers, head over to our product page HERE.

The day has come, Wilwood phases out billet Dynalites for forged.

August 4th2012

For years, Wilwood has been telling us the day will come when billet 4 piston Dynalite calipers will be phased out. While we still have a few left in stock, available while supplies last on our Outlet page, billet 4 piston Dynalite calipers are no more. In it’s place is the Wilwood 4 Piston Forged Dynalite caliper, which serves as a direct replacement for it’s, now gone, billet brother. Now for the good and bad.

BAD: They’re simply not as bling as their billet brother. No way around that.

GOOD: The redesigned forged body is much stronger then it’s billet brother, so minimizing caliper flex and distrortion under heavy pressures is unquestionably better. In addition, this forged caliper is over 20% cheaper than it’s billet version.

So, the way we see it, that’s 1 bad vs 2 good, all in all things could be much worse. These Wilwood 4 Piston Forged Dynalite calipers are in-stock and ready to ship. Again, they serve as direct replacements for the billet version, so all existing Spider 9 caliper brackets still work.