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Jim Marsden takes Breslau… and everything else.

July 22nd2015 | Yana Stancheva | © 2015 All Rights Reserved | Yana Stancheva | © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Jim Marsden was already a household name in Europe, his versatility as a driver and relentless push for 1st makes him a force to be reckoned with. Throw some Spider 9s underneath his signature Land Rover… and he’s simply unstoppable. Jim has done what was previously considered the impossible this year. He has taken 1st place in all the big 3 European endurance races, the French Xtreme, Croatia Trophy, and now just recently the Breslau Rally. It’s a story that will go down in history, we can still hear the team celebrating all the way from across the ocean.

Jim put together a race report from Breslau, it’s well worth the read. You can download that PDF here. Congrats Jim and the entire Gigglepin Team, it’s an absolute blast working together!