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Trophy Truck Axle Shafts

November 13th2023

As our line of axle shafts continues to grow, it continues to push the limits of off-road racing. Introducing our latest “Trophy Truck” inspired axle shaft, the 36 Splined Gun Drilled Full Float Axle. Turned from billet 300M aerospace alloy, every shaft is vacuum quenched, deep freezed, and double tempered. With a 2″ effective shaft diameter and a massive 1-3/8″ end-to-end thru-hole, it’s also one of the strongest and lightest axle shafts we have ever made. Head over to the store to learn more.

Gun Drilled Full Float Axle Shafts

December 7th2018

Did you know we manufacture 7/8” gun drilled full float axle shafts? An effective way of reducing rotating weight (.13 lbs/in), boasting a superior strength to weight ratio over its non-gun drilled counterpart. Available in 40 spline full float rear shafts and IFS 33 spline mid-shafts.

All New Ultimate Axle Shafts for GM 1-Ton

June 16th2015


We are proud to release our Ultimate Axle Shafts for GM 1-Ton Axles (a.k.a. Dana 60 style axles running kingpin knuckles). We’ve designed these shafts with one goal in mind: to get you on the podium. Packaged in our unique webbed design is an axle shaft that is capable of 50 degrees of steering, which is now the industry’s tightest steering angle in-class. Available in both 4340 and 300M materials, Ultimate Axle Shafts can work for a range of budgets as well. Head over to our GM 1-Ton Ultimate Axle Shaft product page to learn more.

Evolution of Shaft.

November 1st2013

Evolution of Shaft.Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

Spidertrax 300M aircraft quality axle shafts from left to right: 40 splined gun drilled, 35 spline, and 26 spline. Crazy to think 26 spline was a “hard core” Samurai upgrade 15 or so years or ago. Things sure have changed, just a bit anyways. Have a great weekend everyone!

Spidertrax Ultimate 40 Spline 300M Axle Shafts.

October 17th2013

Spidertrax Ultimate 40 Spline 300M Axle Shafts

We’ve been manufacturing 40 spline axle shafts in-house for a while now, but finally found the time to get them in our studio for a little photography love. For those new to our Ultimate 300M Axle Shafts, we do pride ourselves on making literally the best axle shaft in the market today. We follow the same heat treatment specifications found in 300M aerospace parts, namely careful combinations of snap tempering, cryogenic treatment, and double tempering to ensure every shaft is perfectly hardened inside and out. In addition, all Spidertrax 300M Ultimate axles are now vacuum quenched, ensuring surface contaminations from heat treatment are absolutely eliminated. The end result is an off-road axle shaft that meets or exceeds those parts found in aerospace.

TL;DR We make bad ass axle shafts, and they can be ordered online – .