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Spidertrax Unit Bearings 2300+ Racing Miles Later

June 28th2010

This is a follow-up to our very popular "Domestic vs. Import Unit Bearings – Bearing Play Comparison" video posted back on October 15, 2009. In that video, we discussed the differences between domestic & import grade unit bearings using Kevin Sacalas’ domestic grade Spidertrax Unit Bearings for our case study.

Since that time, Kevin has now racked on over 2300 miles of extreme desert racing on these same unit bearings with his nearly 5000 lb race vehicle. So how are our unit bearings holding up? Watch the video and see for yourself.

Brad Lovell Takes On Short Course Racing

June 23rd2010

Brad & Roger Lovell, also known as the Lovell Brothers, have done something over the past six years that others have only dreamt about. They’ve taken a passion of theirs, in this case professional rock crawling and rock racing, and turned it into a full time career. This passion fueled by the reality that winning keeps their lights on propelled these brothers on a fast track to success. Although rock crawling and rock racing is still a big part of their lives (both are very active in the 2010 rock crawling & racing season), the need to push and sharpen their skills further remains vital for staying relevant in the ever changing off-road competition world. So, when we got the news that Brad decided to take on short course racing, we were not at all surprised.

At first, it may seem that short course racing is as far from rock racing as underwater basket weaving. After my trip out to Crandon, WI this past weekend to witness Brad’s first short course competition, I can safely say rock racing and short course racing have much more in common then I initially thought. In summary, short course racing takes a dirt track with tight turns/jumps/whoops, puts a dozen or so 900+ horsepower trucks on course, and has them race to the finish. To get an idea of just how fast these guys & girls are racing, check out the quick video below of my standing, arguably to close, on course at the start of one race.

Brad is officially taking on the Traxxas TORC Off-Road Series this year with his brand new Pro Light truck powered by Spider 9 axles & components.  Last weekend was Brad’s first ever short course race and all things considered it went rather well.  The truck is still in one piece (hard to pull off your first time out), our Spider 9 axles performed amazingly, and Brad is one step closer to mastering the art of short course racing.  Although I wouldn’t expect many podium finishes from Brad this year, rest assured he is the kind of driver that will push and push until he’s on top.

I have posted two videos below (Part 1 and Part 2) of Brad’s first race out in Crandon, WI on June 19th.  Although he did race on June 20th as well, he was taken out very early due to a busted tie rod from contact by another vehicle.  Because his time on course was literally about 1 minute I have elected not to post this race online. Brad’s next short course race will be at the Bark River Raceway in Bark River, MI on July 10 & 11th.

2010 Traxxas TORC Round 1 – Brad Lovell (Part 1 of 2)

2010 Traxxas TORC Round 1 – Brad Lovell (Part 2 of 2)