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Gigglepin Race Season Recap

October 29th2022

Jim Marsden & his Team Gigglepin wrapped up the Ultra4 Europe season, and while things didn’t go “exactly” as planned, the team still managed to pull off a 2nd place season finish. Jim and his new Ultra4 racer Mistress are rocking our soon-to-be-released Pro Series U-Joints & Knuckles, and we’re happy to say this is one of the new parts he didn’t have to worry about this year. All season long, he pushed his new racer to the limits, and these new Pro Series U-Joints & Knuckles worked without a single complaint and required not a single amount of maintenance. Always nice to see and hear!

With that, enjoy Team Gigglepin’s race report below, or you may download the combined PDF here.

Spooky Shreds!

October 25th2022

As All Hallows’ Eve approaches and the days become shorter it is only fitting to take to night for some Spooky Shreds, featuring vehicles aglow from a wide range of TYPE S lighting elements. Combining the driving talents of Formula Drift professionals, Vaughn Gittin Jr., Chelsea DeNofa, Adam LZ, and off-road champion, Loren Healy, Spooky Shredsis a non-stop thrill ride paying tribute to everyone’s favorite fright night. Adding another ingredient to the cauldron of fun being cooked up is an original track—Spooky Shreds (Fox Body)—by an artist who is no stranger to costumes, “The Masked Singer” season one winner and multiple GRAMMY award winning artist T-Pain.

Shot over the course of two nights at the Drift Mansion in Pomona, MO— a haunted playground that also doubles as an AirBnb—Spooky Shreds features over 2,400 Mustang RTR horsepower and 800 horsepower from Loren’s Ultra4 4400 Bronco. Pyrotechnics, FAA cleared lasers (yes, for real), a massive pool jump, triple tandems and more come together with the Ford powered vehicles to make this a night to remember.

Hundreds of feet of TYPE S LED lighting were affixed to the three Mustangs, Bronco, and used as props as they navigate the night, making their vehicles come alive during the marathon nighttime shoot. The same TYPE S LED products used in Spooky Shreds are available for purchase at AutoZone stores nationwide.

Spook Shreds Premiers 10/25!

October 18th2022

Vaughn, Chelsea, Adam, and Loren are not only getting ready for Formula Drift & Ultra4 Season Finales, but for Halloween of course! Spooky Shreds features Team RTRs Mustang RTR Spec 5-Ds and their podium dominating Ultra4 Racing Bronco in an inspired Halloween thrill-filled night. Throw in GRAMMY winner recording-artist T-Pain, and we have ourselves one amazing racing video we can’t wait for! But, we have to wait for it. Enjoy the trailer above, and be sure to come back for Spooky Shreds next Tuesday, 10/25.

Pro Series Rebuild Parts

October 11th2022

If you ever need to rebuild your Pro Series Unit Bearings, we have you covered. Now available is our full line of rebuild parts to make your rebuild as easy as possible, in-stock and ready to ship. Head over to the following links for more details.

Pro Series Unit Bearing Pack

3-5/8 in. Spindle Socket

Pro Series ABS Dust Cover

Ultra4s Take on Holley Ford Fest

October 4th2022

One aspect of off-road racing, or rather motorsports in general, that I seem to enjoy more and more these days is the blending and tie-in with other types of racing. On one hand, you would think drifting and rock crawling are far from similar, but behind the scenes, these machines share more in common than one would think. Enter this year’s Holley Ford Fest, an off-the-wall celebration for anything powered by a Ford engine. For those that know Ultra4 champions Loren Healy and Vaughn Gitten Jr, you may know where I’m going with this.

Below is a “race” update from last weekend’s race, straight from Loren & Vaughn’s RTR Team. The photos are a blast, and I couldn’t help but share those here. Enjoy!

Enter Team RTR

Good morning! What a weekend of on-road and off-road fun at the annual Holley Ford Festival in Bowling Green, KY! Saturday’s action again saw Vaughn and Loren getting rowdy in the Ultra4 Ford Broncos as well as the trio of Mustang RTR Spec 5-Ds on the drift course piloted by Vaughn, Chelsea, and Adam. Not to be left out, the Mustangs were joined by Loren drifting his Ultra4 Bronco and Bigfoot providing a mobile clipping point. Not limiting themselves to just drift, Vaughn and Chelsea also saw some oval track action in the Crown Vic race early in the day Saturday.