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Hands Up — 2012 Dirt Riot Mountain 1

December 18th2014

Smile for the Cameras — 2014 Dirt Riot Mountain 1

November 16th2014

Launch — 2013 Dirt Riot Mountain 2

May 18th2014

Full res photos from the 2014 Dirt Riot Mountain 1, now available.

May 5th2014

Collage -- 2014 Dirt Riot Mountain 1Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

As usual, the Moab landscape of AreaBFE provided both a competitive and scenic addition to the 2014 racing schedule. Congrats again to Clay Gilstrap and Lindsay Syler for taking 1st (and for tying the knot last weekend!!!) , it really was a great race from start to finish. For those looking to freshen up their desktop wallpaper, we have the full res versions of photos from this race available on Flick, . As always, photos are watermark free and licensed under Creative Commons, so feel free to download and share. We have just under 3 weeks till the next Ultra4 race, and this one is going to be a bit different for us. It’s the first Ultra4 Euro competition of the year, taking place in Scotland. We have our flights booked, camera gear packed, and right hand drive rental car on deck. Really looking forward to this next one. Till next time.

Lean Into It — 2014 Dirt Riot Mountain 1

April 29th2014