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Outlet Store Refresh

August 30th2022

Our team took some time, out of what seems to be an impossibly busy schedule, to make navigating our Outlet Store quicker, easier, and less painful. For those new to our Outlet, this is THE PLACE to find amazing deals on cosmetically blemished products. Never second-hand, perfectly safe, and always with the same limited lifetime guarantee you have come to expect. Along with discounted prices, all Outlet Store items ship free as well.

It’s a first come, first serve shopping experience, so be sure to stop by The Outlet Store often.

Gigglepin Hits the Top Step

August 23rd2022

The following is a race report straight from Jim Marsden of Team Gigglepin. Enjoy!

Wales is an amazing country, a few weeks ago we raced in raging storms at King of Britain.
Then a few weeks later we race at TORR with over 30 degree heat for all three days, simply incredible! But the best news is attached in our race report. So grab a coffee and dive right in!

-Jim Marsden

Jim’s New “Mistress”

August 16th2022

Bailey Cole Grabs a Triple Crown

August 9th2022

Another incredible Ultra4 racing weekend is in the books. Rising star Paul Horchel took home the 4400 top spot at the Black Hills Throwdown in Sturgis, pushing his Spider 9 IFS-powered racer to the limit. The Spidertrax Stock Class 4600 Broncos were also far from quiet. Bailey Cole took another top podium spot last weekend. Not only is this his second in a row 1st place stock class finish, it was also his first official Triple Crown in the race Bronco. That’s a first-place finish, along with the fastest qualifying lap and fastest lap during the race. There are bragging rights, and then there are Triple Crown bragging rights!

Congrats to both Paul and Bailey for an amazing weekend. We were recently graced with a few photos of Bailey Cole from last weekend’s race, courtesy of Offroad Lifestyle, showing off his 4600 Spidertrax Stock Class Ford Bronco. Enjoy those photos, and hang tight for the next Ultra4 race which is less than 30 days out. The Crandon Classic is coming this Sept 2nd-4th, in Crandon WI.

Bronco Spacers Coming Soon

August 4th2022
Hot Wheels Bronco Not Included :)

There’s no getting around it. The all-new Ford Bronco is everywhere. We had the great honor of jumping in early with these new Broncos. We’re talking pre-release early, helping build out the top placing 4600 Spidertrax Stock Class Broncos in this year’s Ultra4 Racing Series. We not only build the strongest race axles on earth — we also design & manufacture the strongest and safest Wheel Spacers around. With over 23 years of Wheel Spacer design experience, we better be making the best!

Coming this September, we’ll have our latest Wheel Spacer Kit added to the line — the all-new 2021-Up Ford Bronco Wheel Spacer Kit. At 1-1/4″ thick, sporting a classic 6 x 5-1/2″ bolt pattern, these new wheel spacers are a perfect fit for your Ford Bronco (and your 2019-Up Ford Ranger). Be sure to keep an eye on our website for this new release.

But you want to get your name on these as fast as possible? Don’t worry, we have you covered! We’re now accepting pre-orders, give us a call at (800) 286-0898. Just ask about our new Bronco Wheel Spacers, and our sales team will be happy to help you.