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Ultimate H1 Portal Axles

January 6th2022

We’re no stranger to manufacturing a wide variety of off-road axle shafts. From the humble beginnings of the 26 spline Suzuki Samuari to the more modern 45 spline gun-drilled Ultra4 racer, if there’s a need for something stronger, something more capable, we’re in our comfort zone. So it would come as no surprise when rock crawling legend Tracy Jordan calls us up needing a portal axle shaft not yet invented, we’re full steam ahead.

Portal box axle shafts are traditionally designed around CV joints. There’s some good reason for that, many of these OE style applications depend on that constant velocity for rideability and handling. Moving over to the rock crawling world though, needs change. Serviceability, strength, and steering angle play a bigger role for those looking to tackle the planet’s toughest terrains. So, to take Tracy’s family build to the rock crawling level needed, we designed an end-to-end axle shaft solution to work flawlessly with his H1 Portal Boxes. Enter the Spidertrax Ultimate H1 Portal Axle.

We have designed, manufactured, and of course added to our online store, an axle shaft assembly to take your H1 Portal Box to the next level. Our billet one-piece stub shaft fits perfectly into an H1 Portal Box, with two inner axle shaft options to complement those popular housings & diffs — the Toyota 30 spline and the Ford 31 spline. Connecting the stub and inner axles is a specifically designed CTM 45 Series u-joint, sized like a 1350 OE joint, that completes the assembly. All said and done, this is the strongest, most serviceable, H1 portal axle shaft assembly that packs an unmatched 50° of steering.

Learn more by heading over to our Products page.

A Spider 9 Powered Batmobile

December 29th2021

The Batman, the highly anticipated “likely sequel” to Todd Phillips’ Joker, has been on our radar since 2019. The latest trailer above dropped this week, complete with an expected release date (March of next year), more gritty insight on other highly anticipated characters, and of course more teasing of the latest high-flying Batmobile. We figured why not wait till the movie is released to share a little more of the behind-the-scenes from our perspective, but these trailers have us so excited it’s hard to wait.

Spider 9 IFS drivetrain components are powering this latest trophy truck inspired Batmobile. While not our first time working with exotic movie builds, from the kid-favorite Monster Trucks to the highly reviewed Hobbs and Shaw, there’s something a bit different with this one. Maybe it’s the internet going crazy over these trailers, maybe it’s tied to my own childhood fascination with this particular superhero. Whatever the case, it’s a fun one to talk about and we are honored to be part of the story.

New Pro Series Knuckle Steering Options

February 13th2020

We added two new steering options for our Pro Series Knuckles. A “low” version:

and a “high” version:

Along with our standard “mid” version, there’s a high steer arm for every application. Pro Series Knuckles may be purchased on our online store, available for both 3-1/2″ Spider 9 Housings and 4″ Spider 9 Housings.

Welded Spider 9s, Pro Series IFS, and more!

July 23rd2019

Easily our biggest product release since the birth of the Spider 9 some fourteen years ago. There’s a lot to digest with this one, let’s dive right in.

Signature Series Rear End

Our Spider 9 axle is, and always will be, the ultimate builders’ axle. That being said, we’ve been asked more than once to weld up complete Spider 9s. When tasked with anything, we like hitting the ball out of the park and this housing is no exception. Tagged the Signature Series Rear End, take all the guesswork out of building your Spider 9 rear housing by letting our professionals handle the heavy lifting. Welding on rear ends cups is just the start, all Signature Series Housings come standard with 4130 heat treated housing skids, and we even offer full trussing options. Fully tig welded, simply no compromises.

Pro Series IFS

This massive update to our IFS line takes desert & rock racing to entirely new levels. Pro Series Unit Bearings come with massive 3.7″ ID bearings and are packed with a 45 spline rear and both 45 spline & 56 spline front options. This entire line is stronger, lighter, and more compact than our Ultimate IFS line. Here’s a few quick links to get you started.

Pro Series Unit Bearings:
Builder Bells:
Floater Ends:

Trussing & Skids

Full circle back to our original comment, Spider 9 axles are a builders axle at heart and we will never forget that. All of the trussing and housing skid plate options available on our Signature Series Housing are also available to purchase separately. Your housing will thank you.

There’s a lot in here, and we are barely scratching the surface. Be sure to head over to our Spider 9 product page, , and spend some time diving into all the categories and options. With that, I did want to sneak in a thanks to the entire team here at Spidertrax. There’s years of hard work, and sleepless nights, in this release and your dedication means everything.

Gun Drilled Front Axle Shafts

January 30th2019

Two-time King Randy Slawson is well known for having one of the lightest Ultra4s on the lake bed. Pushing that theme even further, on a mission to “make the IFS guys cry” (his words), we are excited to outfit this new product into his Bomber — the all-new Pro Series 40 Splined, Gun Drilled, Front Axle Shafts. There’s something magical about having a 40 splined shaft that is both lighter AND stronger than its solid 35 spline counterpart. Learn more at