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The All-New Pro Series True10 Housing

March 6th2024

We’re excited to release the all-new Pro Series True10 Housing. Designed around massive Gearworks True10 gears, this housing packs the next level of performance. With reinforced tubes, an integrated heat-treated skid plate, and a symmetric third-member face, it’s by far our strongest housing yet. For those making the trip to the Mint400 this year, we’ll have this housing on display during Thursday’s Freemont Street contingency. Hope to see you there, and happy Wednesday!

Prototype True10 Housing

October 13th2023

Bigger is not always better… but sometimes it is. In partnership with Healy Motorsports and Gearworks, we are excited to prototype this brand-new Signature Series housing designed for a Gearworks True10. With a ring gear diameter (actually) measuring 10″ in diameter, coupled with a massive pinion gear, this rear end will be a game changer—more pictures to come. For now, enjoy the eye candy to get through the weekend!

1480 Portal Stub Shafts

September 29th2023

For over fifteen years, Spider 9 axles have powered more top podium finishes than any other axle on the planet. From the early days of 26 spline Suzuki Samurai shafts to the latest gun-drilled 45 spline Ultra4 racing axles, we take pride in making the industry’s best axle shaft for any off-road application.

We are proud to release these latest H1 Portal 32 spline axle shafts with that same spirit in mind, now sized for 1480 u-joints. This one-piece billet axle shaft is manufactured from our race-proven E4340 chromoly material. Every cross-section is optimized to provide the highest strength in a webbed design capable of a massive 50 degrees of steering. Coupled with our precision in-house turning, milling, and splining operations, this stub shaft will perfectly fit an H1 Portal box every time.

8 Lug Pro Series Unit Bearings

June 16th2023

We are excited to see another popular request turn into reality. Our industry-leading Pro Series Unit Bearings now come in a 8 on 6-1/2″ bolt pattern, complete with Dorman 9/16-18 speed start wheel studs. Still fitted to accommodate massive 45 spline axle shafts, you’ll have a hard time finding a race bearing that comes even close in performance. Learn more by visiting our online store.

3-1/2″ Pro Series End Cups

May 19th2023

Due to popular request, we are happy to officially release our Pro Series Full Floater End Cups for 3-1/2″ Housings. These end cups accommodate our Pro Series Unit Bearings, work with 3-1/2″ Spider 9 Housings, and are manufactured out of domestic grade billet 4130 material. Learn more by visiting our online store.