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Vaughn Gittin Jr. Introduces #BROCKY

November 1st2016
Vaughn Gittin Jr. Motorsports | © 2016 All Rights Reserved

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Motorsports | © 2016 All Rights Reserved

This new 4500 Spider 9 IFS powered Jimmy’s 4×4 racer is making its debut at SEMA this week (yes, IFS and 4500 are in the same sentence).  We have no doubt this wild machine driven by world champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. is going to turn some heads in Hammertown next year. We just received the first official press release out of Vaughn Gittin Jr. Motorsports and wanted to share that will you here. Enjoy!

JOPPA, MARYLAND, OCTOBER 31, 2016 — Coming off of an unprecedented top 10 finish in his first ever running at the 2015 King of the Hammers off-road race—becoming the first crossover driver ever to do so—Drift Champion and Professional Fun-Haver, Vaughn Gittin Jr., will compete in the February 2017 event with a Jimmy’s 4×4 Ford Bronco. Vaughn will race in the pro ‘4500: Rubicon Express Modified Class’ of the Ultra 4 Racing series in partnership with New Bright R/C, who will produce radio-controlled toy versions of #Brocky that will be available for sale at major retailers late 2017.

“I am a Professional Fun-Haver: I just love driving and challenging myself behind the wheel,” Gittin Jr. explains. “Some of the ultimate challenges in the off-road world is Ultra 4 Racing with the King of the Hammers race being the pinnacle. Last year I worked with my friends at Nitto Tire to afford myself the epic opportunity to race at King of the Hammers. On paper, I was a bit over my head but was confident in my abilities to study, listen, learn, and adapt. With some solid support from the amazing people that make up the off-road community, including tips from fellow drivers Loren Healy, Casey Currie, Shannon Cambell, and Bailey Cole—after a fire-drill lesson and barely an hour of seat time—I was confident enough to dive head first into the world of off-road racing. Thinking back about it now, it was all a bit nuts. I’ll never forget the first vertical climb Loren Healy broke me in on, and my first climb of ‘Chocolate Thunder’. Both were just insane and I really thought it was a joke at first but as soon as I got to the top I understood just how much capability the Jimmy’s 4×4 built race trucks can provide. I quickly learned that Ultra 4 Racing was another sport in which car control and overall understanding of vehicle dynamics that is learned through drifting translates very well to. I am sure it is pretty obvious now that my first Ultra 4 Racing experience gave me the bug. I am pumped to have teamed up with some amazing partners to step up to the pro ‘4500: Rubicon Express Modified Class’ and have some more fun with this incredible off-road community!”

#Brocky will debut at the Ford Out Front display during SEMA 2016 with Gittin Jr. behind the wheel as part of the “RTR Takeover” twice a day at Ford Out Front (12-1pm and 4-5pm). The hand-built Bronco by Jimmy’s 4×4, is running their 4500-IFS chassis, and is powered by the Ford Performance Z427 engine, which produces upwards of 600 horsepower. Gittin Jr. has chosen Nitto Tire Trail Grapplers, American Racing wheels, and KING Off-Road Racing Shocks to take on the abuse that is endured during Ultra 4 Racing. New Bright R/C will be replicating the Bronco with a special 1:8th and 1:15th scale model of the rock crawler to be available at major retailers for sale fourth quarter of 2017.

Double Shear Rear Caliper Mounts

September 8th2016


Brakes are a hot topic these days, and it’s not just because Ultra4 racers are going faster and driving harder. Today’s series races demand stronger and more responsive brakes, from short course style races like the MetalCloak Stampede to desert venues like the Fallon 250. As such, we’ve phased out our single shear rear caliper brackets for a new double shear version that is stronger many times over, and more affordable as well. For all the product details on our latest Double Shear Rear Caliper Mount, head over to the Spidertrax Store.

Milk Run

June 28th2016

Thanks to Nitto, Loren Healy, HMC, and the crew. You just made our day.

Update from the floor on December 15, 2015.

December 15th2015
Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

Just 46 days till the start of the 2016 King of the Hammers, hoping your race prep is moving right along. We’re running around the clock keeping up with new builds, upgrades, and spare parts. It seems every year teams across the board are stepping up their racing programs, all fighting for that chance to be King. While we’re busy building parts, we’d like to make one quick note on the shortened holiday times up ahead.

We’ll be closed December 25th & January 1st. Also, we’ll likely have shortened days on December 24th and December 31st. That hasn’t exactly been quite ironed out yet… we’ll make sure to update those times next week though. This is just a nice way of saying be sure to get that axle shaft order in before December 31st if you’re racing KOH.

With that, back to work we go.

Spidertrax 40 Splined 300M Billet Series 30 Outer Stub Shafts

November 23rd2015


The Ultra4 trend these days seems to be “go big or go home”. Granted, if you want to be on top there’s a fine line of making things just strong enough, it’s this that separates basic design from solid engineering. In the case of IFS outer stub shafts however, moving over to 40 spline just makes good sense.

First, we work with the same billet material as 35 spline IFS stubs, so there’s no cost difference in manufacturing. That’s a big win, but it gets better still. While outer IFS stub shaft failures are near non-existent, as we continue to push the boundaries of Ultra4 racing, increasing the stub shaft diameter will likely become necessary. Since we already manufacture  Ultimate Unit Bearings in 40 spline, making IFS 40 spline outer stub shafts was an obvious fit.

So there you have it. Spidertrax 40 Splined 300M Billet Series 30 Outer Stub Shafts are available on our online store, in-stock as of this post.