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Looking to build the perfect axle? There’s a calculator for that.

August 31st2012

Looking to build that perfect Spider 9 axle? We’ve just made some updates to our Spider 9 calculator that will ensure you get the job done, right. The image above is a screen shot from the calculator itself, and hopefully from the image you can tell it’s pretty easy to use. Simply enter in the “Given”, namely the wheel mount surface (WMS), A, and the locker type. With just those three pieces, we fully dimension out the housing, tube cut lengths (Ta & Tb), shaft lengths, and pinion offset for all of our different hub configurations (Ultimate Unit Bearing, 1 Ton Unit Bearing, or Pro Series Hub).

The calculator was created in Excel, so you will need Excel or a program that can work with Excel files (like Mac’s Pages). Head over to our SUPPORT page where the both front and rear calculators can be downloaded.

That’s it for today. Have a great holiday weekend and a quick reminder we’ll be closed this Monday for Labor Day.

The Ultimate Adventure JK, read all about it.

August 30th2012

We just got a peak at November’s cover of Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road (on Facebook, HERE) and it looks like full-on Ultimate Adventure coverage is underway. For those just joining in on this project, we had the great pleasure of tagging along on the last day of Ultimate Adventure (our photo album, HERE), which is where we took this shot. The lead vehicle, the pictured Ultimate Adventure JK, is sporting our full Spider 9 axle line, including our brand new Ultimate Unit Bearings. While it’s always awesome to watch our axles in action, it was equally as awesome to run this trail with the gang. So, with that, keep your eyes on the mail (or in the stores if you aren’t subscribed, but you are subscribed right?) for Petersen’s November issue.

Brad Lovell heads back to The Big House, just one point away from 1st.

August 29th2012

Brad Lovell takes on The Big House this weekend, for the Traxxas TORC rounds 11 & 12 short course Pro Light competition. There’s just 4 races left in this years Traxxas series, and as it stands today Brad is just 1 point away from 1st place. Translation… very, big, deal. Traxxas should be streaming the event live all weekend, so be sure to bookmark their site for details.

We took the shot in this post from Brad’s 1st place finish at The Big House earlier this year. He knows this course well, so the heat is definitely on. Best of luck to Brad Lovell and Lovell Racing, we’re rooting for you!

So, what’s next for Ultra4? The American Rock Sports Challenge, of course.

August 28th2012

While Vegas to Reno was one amazing event, the season is not over. We still have 2 Ultra4 races left on the 2012 schedule, namely the American Rock Sports Challenge (ARC) and the National Championship. With ARC up next, here’s a few details worth knowing today:

1) Where is it? Miller Motorsports Park in Toole, UT.

2) Race day? September 22nd, with registration and practice the day before.

3) I want to race, how do I register? Grab a copy of the registration form HERE, courtesy of Ultra4 Racing.

Last but not least, for those interested in learning a bit more about the terrain and style of this lap based rock/short course race, the HeavyMetalConcepts race recap video from last year should take care of that:


Vegas to Reno photo set complete.

August 27th2012


We’re wrapped up with our small Vegas to Reno photo set. Feel free to check out the high res versions of these photos, now available on Flickr. Hope you enjoy!