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It’s Time for Something New

July 31st2017

It’s sometimes hard finding that first sentence, but in this case, it’s safe to start with our resilient team. Put simply, we needed to clean up production, needed to find new ways of producing more with what we got. In the first 7 months of this year, with the incredible help and leadership of our manufacturing, sales, and shipping teams, we’ve managed to change our work flow and move in an all-new direction. We’ve increased our output to record highs, our inventory is stocked at levels never before seen, all while handling what is becoming our biggest sales year yet. Now let’s get back to our roots, the basics of what makes Spidertrax the company it is, and the thing we love to do most — let’s create new things.

Some items will be big, and some small, but all will no doubt be exciting. So stay tuned, we have lots of new things already in the works and can’t wait to share them with you. Until next time, here’s a new brake rotor we’re developing with one of our Spider 9 distributors. It’s going on a Jeep that is looking for something a little different. This scalloped take on our Ultimate Rotor should do the trick.