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Always something new, in the works.

January 17th2013

Something new, in the works.

Working round-the-clock, on something new to show off by King of the Hammers. More details coming soon, stay tuned.

Prototype “Miller Edition” Pro Series Knuckles.

December 13th2012

Prototype "Miller Edition" Pro Series Knuckles.Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

Prototype “Miller Edition” Pro Series Knuckles. Heat treated, tig welded, & stress relieved. But are they fit for a king? Let’s hope so.

Finishing up a few more 300M prototype IFS stub shafts.

August 12th2012

While it may be Sunday, we’re still hard at work here at Spidertrax. Here’s a shot of a 300M prototype IFS stub shaft, getting some final splining in our VF-3 4th axis. After machining, this guy will make its way to the furnace for some heat treating action, then back for some final higher precision machining.

Another step closer for the Pro Series Rotor.

August 2nd2012

One of the advantages of the upcoming Pro Series Rotor is it’s precision in flatness. Every rotor will be double disc ground, as shown above, holding a parallelism of 0.002″. This, plus a new hole & slot combination pattern, makes for the perfect Ultra4 go-fast rotor. Pricing and release date still in the works, but we’ll be sure to post that here as soon as we get them worked out.

Another IFS housing finds a home.

July 31st2012

Ben Napier is hard at work, getting his all new Ultra4 “Koala Punch” IFS racer ready for the 2013 King of the Hammers. Here’s a shot of his Spidertrax prototype IFS housing, taken right before it left our shop a few months back. Judging by the recent photos he posted yesterday on Facebook, his Koala racer will undoubtably be one to watch next year.