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Go Big to Go Small

August 16th2017

We’re working on a new IFS bulk head. Changes go beyond just cosmetic, this bulk head ends up being quite a bit larger than the existing one. Sometimes you have to go big to go small. More details to follow.

Prototype Weld-On High Steer Arm

August 11th2017

We’re having some fun with a new weld-on high steer arm design for our Pro Series Knuckles. The video above and the few photos below do a better job than my typing, so I’ll leave it at that. Hope you enjoy this project as much as we did, with that have a great weekend (and best of luck to all Ultra4 racers at Dirty Turtle!).

Always something new, in the works.

January 17th2013

Something new, in the works.

Working round-the-clock, on something new to show off by King of the Hammers. More details coming soon, stay tuned.

Prototype “Miller Edition” Pro Series Knuckles.

December 13th2012

Prototype "Miller Edition" Pro Series Knuckles.Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

Prototype “Miller Edition” Pro Series Knuckles. Heat treated, tig welded, & stress relieved. But are they fit for a king? Let’s hope so.

Finishing up a few more 300M prototype IFS stub shafts.

August 12th2012

While it may be Sunday, we’re still hard at work here at Spidertrax. Here’s a shot of a 300M prototype IFS stub shaft, getting some final splining in our VF-3 4th axis. After machining, this guy will make its way to the furnace for some heat treating action, then back for some final higher precision machining.