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Loren Healy Takes the Stampede!

March 26th2019
Photo by Jonathan Millstein.

After an insane qualifying rollover, Loren would go on to win the MetalCloak Stampede 4400 followed by Paul Horschel, JP Gomez, Mike Bergman, Raul Gomez, and Darren Henke. That’s a top 6 for Spider 9 IFS axles & components, always love seeing that!

Another cool thing a bit more behind the scenes, Loren and Paul are also powered by our upcoming Pro Series IFS line. Set to be released Spring of this year, our new Pro Series IFS line is going to push the boundaries of Ultra4 racing even further, stay tuned for more details.

With that, we’re going to make it a great week here. Congrats to all top finishers last weekend, can’t wait for the next race!

Inside the Shop — March 18, 2019

March 18th2019

I’ll be the first to admit, it’s been awhile since we’ve posted. Things are busier than ever, so busy in fact we haven’t been posting! Going to try and get into the habit of posting on the blog at least once a week and on other platforms (Instagram, Facebook) everyday (time permitting). Oddly enough, I do find these posts helpful for my own production & product planning, so no excuse not to share what we have going on.

Production is in full swing this week. We kicked off this week on Sunday night, as our wheels spacers (Toyota in particular) have been selling like crazy. While those are running, pictured here are our IFS diff shafts which will be finding their way into a few light tactical military vehicles soon enough. The new ST-20Y is shinning with these, two opts and the shafts are ready for heat treat. Took 3 machines before to pull off the same product!

The week will round out with production starting on our Ultimate Knuckle High Steer Arms, which have been backordered too long. Chromoly material has been harder and harder to get these days, even purchasing 9 months in advance isn’t enough is some cases! Will be nice to get these machined and off to heat treat.

With that, hope everyone has an amazing week. Back to work we go!