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Gigglepin Race Season Recap

October 29th2022

Jim Marsden & his Team Gigglepin wrapped up the Ultra4 Europe season, and while things didn’t go “exactly” as planned, the team still managed to pull off a 2nd place season finish. Jim and his new Ultra4 racer Mistress are rocking our soon-to-be-released Pro Series U-Joints & Knuckles, and we’re happy to say this is one of the new parts he didn’t have to worry about this year. All season long, he pushed his new racer to the limits, and these new Pro Series U-Joints & Knuckles worked without a single complaint and required not a single amount of maintenance. Always nice to see and hear!

With that, enjoy Team Gigglepin’s race report below, or you may download the combined PDF here.

Gigglepin Hits the Top Step

August 23rd2022

The following is a race report straight from Jim Marsden of Team Gigglepin. Enjoy!

Wales is an amazing country, a few weeks ago we raced in raging storms at King of Britain.
Then a few weeks later we race at TORR with over 30 degree heat for all three days, simply incredible! But the best news is attached in our race report. So grab a coffee and dive right in!

-Jim Marsden

Jim’s New “Mistress”

August 16th2022

Our little chat with Off-Road The Planet.

February 16th2016

Off-Road The Planet | Robb Pritchard | © 2016 All Rights Reserved

Off-Road The Planet | Robb Pritchard | © 2016 All Rights Reserved

There’s a number of perks that come from attending Ultra4 races around the globe. Witnessing Spider 9 world domination in-person is one of them, that’s obvious, but beyond proving our products is a chance to meet some of the most amazing people on this planet. One of the most talented off-road journalists I’ve ever run across is Robb Pritchard, who runs Off-Road The Planet while also working with the folks over at Mad Media. Like many great minds, Robb takes a bit to warm up to, but once you do you’ll easily see why his work is way above the crowd.

Robb and I finally had a chance to “sit down” and talk a little about what we do here at Spidertrax, among other off-road related items. He recently published this interview HERE, and I think it’s well worth the read. Be sure to check that out, and don’t forget to subscribe to Off-Road The Planet while you’re there. Following travels through the eyes of Robb is nothing short of an amazing adventure.

With that, back to work we go.

2016 ULTRA4 Europe Dates Released

January 21st2016

Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

We have some dates for the 2016 ULTRA4 European circuit, courtesy of .

King of France 20th – 22nd May
King of Italy 17th – 19th June
King of Portugal 14th – 17th September
King of Britain 7th – 9th October

There’s a few interesting things here, some of which will require a little time & patience to figure out. First, France is back on the list and slated to be the kickoff race of the season. Last year, this got cancelled for paperwork reasons that will likely put you to sleep. So now it’s back, and that’s exciting.

Second, King of Portugal is no longer the final race of the season. This is a big deal because that final race hosts the year-end awards ceremony, which leads us to…

Third, King of Britain is the final race and should be the host of the year-end awards ceremony. This event name is new as well, ULTRA4 Europe started in Wales with the King of Wales, and it doesn’t require much brain power to see this is likely not the location for King of Britain. Which leads us to our final though…

Event locations are not yet made available. That will clear things up a bit, as soon as we get those “official” locations we’ll be sure to post them here.

As for us, we love ULTRA4 Europe.  Having been involved with the European circuit since inception, these races are a big deal to us. The schedule is beyond tight this year for our own personal appearances, but tentatively we’d like to make at least 2 of 4 races.

With that, for those looking to easily add these events to their favorite digital calendar (and other 2016 races we plan on attending), THIS LINK should get you what you need.