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Inside the Shop — Pro Series IFS Axle Shaft Preview

May 7th2019
 By Thom Kingston on 2019-05-07T07:13:50-06:00 | IFS

Walking the shop floor yesterday, we couldn’t help snapping this picture of a few IFS shafts lined up. Front left to right, we have a 35 spline & 40 spline diff shaft, followed by our latest Pro Series 45 spline stub and 56 spline stub shafts. It seems like only yesterday that 35 spline axles were the big upgrade!

Our latest Pro Series IFS line takes advantage of a significantly larger unit bearing, allowing for shafts greater than 40 spline. The 45 spline axle shaft (third in from left) works with our Pro Series Unit Bearing, while the 56 spline axle shaft (last one on right) works with our Pro Series Compact Unit Bearing. This compact bearing is 1” more compact from WMS to CV centerline, and packs the best strength to weight ratio in class.

While we wrap up some small final bits and get the website photography out of the way, for those looking to build now give us a call. The majority of our Pro Series IFS components are already in-stock and ready to ship, and we’re always happy to design a custom estimate to fit your build and budget.