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Fun-Having w/ Pennzoil and Home Depot

August 1st2019

What happens when Vaughn & Loren go shopping! Hope you enjoy this fun video as much as we do, thanks to Vaughn and Loren and of course The Home Depot and Pennzoil for putting this together.

CHAMPIONS: Jason Scherer | King Of The Hammers

May 3rd2019

Loren Healy Takes the Stampede!

March 26th2019
Photo by Jonathan Millstein.

After an insane qualifying rollover, Loren would go on to win the MetalCloak Stampede 4400 followed by Paul Horschel, JP Gomez, Mike Bergman, Raul Gomez, and Darren Henke. That’s a top 6 for Spider 9 IFS axles & components, always love seeing that!

Another cool thing a bit more behind the scenes, Loren and Paul are also powered by our upcoming Pro Series IFS line. Set to be released Spring of this year, our new Pro Series IFS line is going to push the boundaries of Ultra4 racing even further, stay tuned for more details.

With that, we’re going to make it a great week here. Congrats to all top finishers last weekend, can’t wait for the next race!

2017 Ultra4 Schedule

November 4th2016

Hammerking Productions | © 2016 All Rights Reserved

Hammerking Productions | © 2016 All Rights Reserved

This is relatively old news now, but we haven’t had a chance to post the official 2017 Ultra4 schedule; it’s just crazy busy! So, here it is, and as sometimes happens we have two new surprises in store for next year. Both kickoff races for the East and West series have new venues, which is both an exciting and nerve-racking way to start the year.

For the West series, drivers will find themselves in Sierra Blanca, TX. I’ve heard of this venue being in the works for some time, but can’t add anything of value here outside of that. It replaces Glen Helen, which I know drivers love but from a spectator standpoint it leaves less to be desired. It’s all new to us, but we’ll be in TX all the same. Outside of the venue itself, one bit worth mentioning is its more central location which will be nice for those East Coast guys taking on the West.

For the East series, drivers will find themselves in Davis, OK. I’ve heard of this venue being in the works from a semi-underground last year rumor that Hot Springs was off the table. Too bad on Hot Springs, I quite love that place, but it is what it is. As with the West series kickoff race, I have nothing of value to add regarding Davis, so I’ll be learning the ropes along with the rest of you. It’s nice to have a central location in the East as well; we’ve had west coast guys showing up more and more in the East series, so a few less miles of travel is always appreciated.

With that, we can’t wait for 2017!

Your “Unofficial” 2016 Ultra4 Series Champions

September 20th2016

2016 West Coast Champ Erik Miller (Left) -- 2016 East Coast Champ Jason Shipman (Right)

2016 West Coast Champ Erik Miller (Left) — 2016 East Coast Champ Jason Shipman (Right)

Granted, this is highly unofficial as final results are not confirmed until after the Nationals race in October. With that out-of-the-way, congrats to Erik Miller for taking the 2016 West Coast Series (Spider 9 Solid Axle) and Jason Shipman for taking the 2016 East Coast Series (Spider 9 IFS). The National Series title is still too close to call, so we’ll have to wait till October 22nd on that one. Points Standings courtesy of