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Rock Bug W.E.Rock Update for Round 2 Day 1

May 2nd2009
 By Thom Kingston on 2009-05-02T20:40:00-06:00 | The Rock Bug, W.E.Rock

Tracy & the Rock Bug were back at it for W.E.Rock’s Round 2 in Cedar City, UT.  It was a tough start to say the least, with electrical issues haunted the Scat V4 for nearly the entire day.  It all began right from the start of the Rock Bug’s first course, B2.  Right after crossing the start line, the Scat V4 lost almost all power.  Tracy’s incredible driving skill got the Rock Bug through the course with a solid score, but it was off to the pits immediately after.

At this point, no one knew what was going on with the Scat, so a call was made to use 45 minutes of breakdown time.  With everyone focused on the motor, a bad coil pack was found causing the Scat to run on only 3 cylinders.  So, the coil pack was swapped and the Rock Bug was back in action.  Or was it?

Now up on B3.  Once again the Rock Bug crosses the start line and once again the Scat begins running on 2 or 3 cylinders.  Tracy does his best but can’t get the Rock Bug through the course.  Immediately after the Rock Bug exits, the team quickly replaces the rest of the coil packs in fear of further problems.

Now up on B4.  The Rock Bug crosses the start line and guess what?  The Scat begins running on 2 to 3 cylinders!  Tracy works his magic and manages to get the Rock Bug all the way through the coarse with a fair score.  After finishing, Tracy races back to the pits hoping to shed some light on this never ending problem.

Well, in the haste of constantly installing new coil packs between courses, one of the spark plug wires ended up contacting the header, destroying the cable.  This was easily fixed and finally allowed the Scat to run the way it should have from the start.  Now up for the last course of the day, B1.

As it stood, only 2 teams were able to complete this coarse so Tracy still had a great shot of ending the day strong.  Both he and his spotter Jason gave it their all, but luck would still not be on Tracy’s side.  The Dana 300 t-case shifters unexpectedly “split” toward the end of the obstacle, causing the front to be in low range and the rear to be in high range at the same time.  There was not enough time for Tracy to compensate for this problem and time did run out.

Somehow, despite all of these troubles, Tracy and the Rock Bug still managed to place 10th for day 1.  The event is not over either.  Tomorrow marks day 2 of this two day event and it is still anyone’s competition.   We will be back again competing at 10 am, MST and don’t forget you can follow along live as described in our post “5 Must Visit Websites for Following W.E.Rock”.  Enjoy the day 1 course videos below of the Rock Bug (despite all of the motor issues) and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow.

Course B2

Course B3

Course B4

Course B1