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Rock Bug 2.0 Update for January 8, 2011

January 9th2011
 By Thom Kingston on 2011-01-09T00:44:58-07:00 | The Rock Bug

Time sure flies when your working on The Rock Bug. Since our last post, we received the “Jet Coated” exhaust back from the platers with everything looking perfect. Tracy flew in to Spidertrax HQ this weekend to lend a hand with the installation of the plated exhaust as well as other odds & ends. The rest of our time has been occupied with the fabrication of a new radiator mount & guard which is now coming to a happy end. Next up we’ll be wrapping up with the electric water pump & orbital valve mounts which we’ll be sure to post updates of. Till then, enjoy the rest of your weekend & we’ll see you next time!