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Spider 9s Dominate the Grand Prix Podium

October 25th2011
 By Thom Kingston on 2011-10-25T08:28:57-06:00 | Glen Helen Grand Prix

It’s always a risk testing out a new track, but in the end the all new 4Wheel Parts Glen Helen Grand Prix proved to be a top stop in the Ultra4 tour. With a blended mix of short course jumps, motocross tracks, & wicked mountain climbs, Ultra4 cars had their work cut out for them in this ultimate endurance style race. We partnered up with the Ultra4 crew to provide live text/photo coverage during the event (http://ultra4racing.com/live/) so we’ll take a break from writing a long “post event” recap. Instead, we just wanted to share the photos from the live coverage and congratulate Loren Healy (1st), Jason Picket (2nd), and JT Taylor (3rd) who captured the top 3 spots with rigs powered by Spider 9 Axles. Every event is a blast for us, but we can’t deny watching our axles power teams to the top makes it even better.

The 4Wheel Parts Ultra4 Grand Prix marks the end of the 2011 Ultra4 series. Next stop is the grand daddy of all Ultra4 events, The King of the Hammers. We can’t wait!

EDIT: Looks like the photos are NOT hyperlinked to the originals on Flickr (sorry about that). Check here for the entire Flickr set.

Loren Healy + Spider 9s = Awesome Drivers Meeting Shannon Leads the Lineup Start Line And We're Green
Blazing Fast Loren Enters Talladega Talladega Turn with Shannon Talladega Turn with Paul Talladega Turn with Greg
Talladega Turn with Brian First Red Flag Dave Discusses Re-Entering Course Vehicles Looking Ready to Resume Back on Course
Levi Hauls Leaving the Pits Getting Word of Shannon's Crash Hitching a Ride to Shannon Crash Site
Tight Squeeze In Good Spirits Drivers Helping Drivers Making Progress A View from Below
Recovered Discussing Game Plan for 2nd Heat The 2nd Heat Kicks Off JR Nevering Letting Up GenRight Looking Strong
Down But Not Out Ultra4 Sun Consistency In Every Lap A Little Short Course Action Jason Picket Charges to the Front
Moving on Up Scherer Powers On Talladega Sunset JR Grabs Another Lap Ferravanti Jr. Flying By
Casey & JT Battle It Out Loren Healy Takes the Win! Happy Camper Jason Picket Takes 2nd! JT Taylor & Crew Take 3rd!