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Caption This! January 26, 2012

January 26th2012
 By Thom Kingston on 2012-01-26T14:32:37-07:00 | W.E.Rock

We had a little Caption This! fun over on Facebook the other day with this shot of Brent Bradshaw from last years W.E.Rock Round 4. The comments were pretty awesome to say the least and in case you missed it:

Horton Chris Did I clear the cone?
Yesterday at 8:11am

Jason Drew its still crooked.. just a little more to the right…
Yesterday at 8:14am

Mark Wills NO! Your other RIGHT!!!!!
Yesterday at 8:14am

Mike Greenwalt Oh no, i just washed and waxed
Yesterday at 8:14am

Simon Touron just a bit more and i’ll be able to pick up my lunch box
Yesterday at 8:14am

Tina Theodoridis hahaha simon wins!
Yesterday at 8:18am

Matthew Garofalo If you’ve got one on the ground you can PULL IT AROUND!!!! Get it Bradshaw!
Yesterday at 8:18am

Yesterday at 8:18am

Joel Villamena DRIVER! DRIVER! NO, PASSENGER! PASSENGER! Ah man. Ref, can we get a do-over?
Yesterday at 8:25am

Kevin Ehrlick ‎”Who freaking sets these courses up?…..this is BS!” lol
Yesterday at 8:25am

John Walker Hard core to the Max! Play hard, or go home!!!!!
Yesterday at 8:26am

Cody Irish now for the kicker time to hit my anti grav button… anythings possible with spder trax. NEW CONCEPT for the bat mobile?
Yesterday at 8:27am

Todd Henriksen If you have to ask. You dont understand.
Yesterday at 8:27am

Keith Stewart Hold My Beer….I got This!
Yesterday at 8:29am

Chris Larkin ‎”then I hit the three wheel motion”.
Yesterday at 8:29am

Elias Corey look a penny!!!
Yesterday at 8:29am

Dean Dodge It’s not over…till it’s over!!
Yesterday at 8:30am

Gregory L Holloway Using the new Spidertrax planetary tilt system we have rotated the Earth 90 degrees, and we can now drive normally along this vertical ledge.
Yesterday at 8:30am

Steve Rivera Should’ve had my V8 this morning!
Yesterday at 8:30am

Brad Riddle I love this stuff..
Yesterday at 8:33am

Dave Evans Damn, that ground is high !
Yesterday at 8:37am

Mike Bozzie i know that road is here somewhere
Yesterday at 8:38am

Michael Hill ‎”He’s got it”
Yesterday at 8:40am

Simon Touron ooh look ants ow they bite
Yesterday at 8:41am

Michael Bice your clear now nail it!!!
Yesterday at 8:45am

Tyson Cook Checker or wrecker
Yesterday at 8:45am

Al Koopman III ‎”I’m glad I got the Discount Double Check insurance Aaron Rodgers told me about…”
Yesterday at 8:48am

Simon Touron must be am easier way to change that back tyre !!!
Yesterday at 8:50am

Shawn M. Pagan ‎”That’s just how we roll…”
Yesterday at 8:50am

Elvis Ruiz I CAN SAVE ITTT !!!!!!!
Yesterday at 8:50am

Tyler Jarrett Look how much seat I’ve sucked up my ass already!
Yesterday at 8:52am

Tyler Jarrett Barrel roll!
Yesterday at 8:52am

Richard Allen Gorr Hey, this shit isn’t on the map!!
Yesterday at 8:53am

Simon Touron driver to passenger”please stop doing the moves to ymca”
Yesterday at 8:54am

Tim Crase Looks like fun
Yesterday at 8:55am

Sean Wells I totally got this!
Yesterday at 8:56am

Jeffrey Hamilton hammer down boy’s
Yesterday at 8:56am

Gert Jacobus Redelinghuys Ahh biscuits
Yesterday at 9:01am

Chris Roes ‎”Here’s the deal I’m the best there is. Plain and simple. I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence.” – Ricky Bobby
Yesterday at 9:01am

Scott Pasch I got this sh*t!
Yesterday at 9:04am

Levi Van those milk and cookies were (yawn) so tiring NAP TIME.
Yesterday at 9:04am

Rick Soto Buckle up, I want to try something!
Yesterday at 9:12am

Jordan Miller half way around now lets get sticky
Yesterday at 9:13am

Garrett Ness ‎” i wish Tracy was here” haha!
Yesterday at 9:15am

Ricky Powell What dogs do this all the time?! its territorial.
Yesterday at 9:20am

Jeff Williams I like these high banked turns, it makes the track faster.
Yesterday at 9:30am

Frank Gelatka DOH!!!
Yesterday at 9:30am

Donnie Sechrest Hammer Time!!!
Yesterday at 9:33am

Simon Touron see we’ve got loads of gas the gauge says so
Yesterday at 9:35am

Buggy Share Got Propane?
Yesterday at 9:39am

Vince Parker if i stomp it now… i might be able to recover
Yesterday at 9:42am

Will Roberts I knew I should have taken the high road!
Yesterday at 9:42am

Jamie Beardsley Famous last words of a redneck “Watch This!”
Yesterday at 9:45am

Dylan Thomas hang to ah now
Yesterday at 9:47am

James Dumas New geico commercial, mayham must be driving
Yesterday at 9:48am

Kenny Berndt ‎”Quit being so dramatic, the tilt meter says i’m fine!”
Yesterday at 9:51am

Jimmy Hussey Did ya roll over? Nope we were airin up the tires when we realized we only had enough helium for the right side. Here’s your sign
Yesterday at 9:54am

Trevor McCarty The good news is, I saved your coffee
Yesterday at 10:14am · 3

Nicholas Charles Paque Does a lion stretch before it chases a gazel
Yesterday at 10:15am

Mike Mobley I’m sorry honey, I can’t talk right now. I’m doing the coolest thing in the world. Tell the kids I love them.
Yesterday at 10:21am

Mike Mastrobattisto Stupid pedal dont fail me now!!!
Yesterday at 10:23am

Bob Mueller Relax, all right? My old man is a television repairman, he’s got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it.
Yesterday at 10:26am

John Pellegrini Get back in there ya wuss! Hit the accelerator and keep going! You’ll make it!
Yesterday at 10:28am

Lysa Mathis Ohhhhh sooo much fun!!
Yesterday at 10:29am

Lysa Mathis Move over boys leta girl show ya how its done! :)
Yesterday at 10:29am

Kit Riley Cassingham Driving the side roads of America.
Yesterday at 10:34am

Taran Halarewich lets play dominos
Yesterday at 10:35am

Zero Mead Tachikoma Gravity’s for sissies!
Yesterday at 10:37am

ChefTyler Brown Ooohhhhhhhhh SHIT!!!! Now tip me back over so I can continue!!!
Yesterday at 10:38am

Tristan Whyatt im sure there a less fun way of finding the roll over point of a buggy
Yesterday at 10:39am

Michael Fanning I knew I should have taken that left turn at the light.
Yesterday at 10:42am

Andy Wulf Riley lock stomp and steer, no fear!
Yesterday at 10:48am

Steven Hopper Gas it
Yesterday at 10:51am

Brandon BzWires when in doubt, Gas it!
Yesterday at 11:01am

Kevin Callan Who taught you how to parallel park? ass face!
Yesterday at 11:02am

Josh Chavez You’ve just about got it.
Yesterday at 11:02am

Kevin Hanks hold my beer and watch this.
Yesterday at 11:06am

Jay Smith Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin , keep rollin rollin
Yesterday at 11:06am

John Fischer Who is your driver? Captain Francesco Schettino?
Yesterday at 11:11am

Kenny Berndt ‎”so there I was”
Yesterday at 11:23am

Brian Keen hold my beer and watch this….
Yesterday at 11:29am

Hrrsn Lws Dang..
Yesterday at 11:33am

Valley Rock Crushers I didnt roll it, and THAT, my friends, makes me “The winner” !
Yesterday at 11:54am

Chris Waterman you wanted a shot at the new roof, why are you way over there? silly camera guy…….
Yesterday at 12:16pm

David Wiganer Skett just wandering how much money you got in that ?? and how much was actually built by the owner ??? and driver,
Yesterday at 12:39pm

Michael Jones Relax, now I can reach out and set that cone back up.
Yesterday at 12:47pm

Mudsport Automotive ahh shit balls!
Yesterday at 1:02pm

Mike Figaro How a Rockcrawler does Yoga
23 hours ago

Graham Sparticus Entwistle For sale, one careful owner, last one didn’t give a shit….
22 hours ago

Jeff Fisher That’s the way we roll.
22 hours ago

Keith Steele that didn’t work!!
22 hours ago

David Vilbrin Oops did I do that
22 hours ago

Scott LeSage Winning!
22 hours ago

Jason Dornon Maybe I should have taken piano lessons instead.
22 hours ago

Jason Dornon I knew I should’nt have taken that left in Albuquerque!
21 hours ago

Barbara Feldman Momma said there’d be days like this!
21 hours ago

Matt Houck Front or rear dig? Decisions decisions…
21 hours ago

Tyler McNamee ‎”I got, I got. Nope don’t got.”
21 hours ago

Michael Wunder Got winch??
19 hours ago

Nathan Renford ¡ɹǝʌo ǝɯ ןןoɹ ‘sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ɟı
18 hours ago

Butch Baker I can make it!!!!
16 hours ago

Wade Lapp Gangsta lean.
15 hours ago

James Ryley After yet another late night, George Michael wakes up to find he’s not quite made it all the way home…. again..
9 hours ago

Ron Nissley Aw crap I hit a cone.
7 hours ago

Rich Markley can i park here?
7 hours ago

Chris Cox Spider buggy, spider buggy, does what ever a spider buggy does.
5 hours ago

Feel free to add your own right here or over on the original Facebook thread HERE. Thanks again to everyone who participated.