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In it for the glory.

June 8th2012
 By Thom Kingston on 2012-06-08T10:29:46-06:00 | Rausch Creek, Ultra4

In it for the glory. by Thomas Kingston (Spidertrax) on 500px.com

We’re about wrapped up with our post RCQ photos. There may be one more hiding in the queue for tomorrow, but as it stands we managed to find just about a dozen “real camera” shots decent enough to post outside of our Live! coverage albumn. If you missed these shots as they were published, you can check them out in full resolution on Flickr¬†and 500px. Just a reminder, all photos are licensed under Creative Commons, so feel free to share with your friends.

Also, be sure to check out the latest video creation from HeavyMetalConcepts, showcasing all the action from last weekends RCQ competition. Next weekend, we’ll be heading out to The Big House, where Ultra4 racers will take on Crandon International Speedway. Stay tuned next week for details!