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Ultra4s invade the Big House and what you need to know.

June 13th2012
 By Thom Kingston on 2012-06-13T08:00:59-06:00 | TORC, Ultra4

Photo courtesy of Ultra4Racing.com.

Get ready for the most epic short course race yet. Ultra4 racers are heading to Crandon International Raceway to take part in TORC’s round 5 & 6 short course competition. Yes, TORC is the same series Brad Lovell races his Spider 9 powered Pro Light. This time, Ultra4 vehicles will get their chance at one of the most legendary short course tracks in the world, The Big House.

While likely obvious, the above graphic shows the 18 brave Ultra4 drivers who will give it their all this weekend. In addition to knowing which Ultra4 drivers will compete, here’s a few other pieces of information worth knowing ahead of time.

1) When? There will be two races this weekend, one on June 16th (TORC Round 5) and one on June 17th (TORC Round 6). There’s a number of classes competiting that weekend, but Ultra4s go live at 4:45 pm, right between the Pro 2 and Pro 4 classes. Full Crandon schedule can be found HERE.

2) Where? Crandon International Raceway in Crandon, WI. Also known as The Big House.

3) Live coverage? We’ll be there supporting teams, drivers, and capturing the live action as it unfolds. We’ll do our best to post updates during and after the race on Facebook, Twitter, and right here on our blog. Having that been said, be sure to keep an eye on the main TRAXXAS TORC page, where they will likely have a live, and highly professional, video stream available for free.

So, with that, we’re hitting the road and heading out to Crandon. To say we’re excited for this weekends race, would be an understatement.