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Ferravanti takes it all.

June 18th2012
 By Thom Kingston on 2012-06-18T06:00:39-06:00 | TORC, Ultra4


It’s one thing to win a race at Crandon’s legendary short course raceway, but taking two wins in one weekend is far from common. That didn’t stop Gary Ferravanti though, as he pushed his racer for back to back wins Saturday & Sunday. We immediately asked Gary if he had raced Crandon before, and he said this was his first time. Maybe in another life perhaps, because Gary wasn’t just fast. He looked like he’d been racing there for a lifetime.

To say it was an amazing weekend (and Fathers Day) would be an understatement. Congratulations again to all Ultra4 drivers would showed the fans of Crandon just what these Ultra4 vehicles can do. We’re still waiting on official results from Ultra4, but for now here’s what we have.

TORC Pro Light for Saturday Round 5 (Semi Official)
1 Brad Lovell *
2 CJ Greaves
3 Keegan Kincaid
4 Luke Johnson
5 Matt Cook
6 Randy Eller
7 Ross Hoek
8 Nick Baumagartner
9 Mark Oberg
10 Andrew Caddell
11 Raphael Navarro
12 Eric Ruppel
13 Mitch Dorr

TORC Pro Light for Sunday Round 6 (Semi Official)
1 Andrew Caddell
2 CJ Greaves
3 Keegan Kincaid
4 Raphael Navarro
5 Brad Lovell *
6 Eric Ruppel
7 Matt Cook
8 Nick Baumagartner
9 Shawn Morris
10 Mitch/Josh Dorr/Hintz
11 Ross Hoek
12 Luke Johnson
13 Randy Eller
14 Mark Oberg

Ultra4 for Saturday Top 3 (Semi Official)
1 Gary Ferravanti *
2 Derek West *
3 Nick Nelson

Ultra4 for Sunday Top 3 (Semi Official)
1 Gary Ferravanti *
2 Thomas Grady
3 JT Taylor

* Spider 9 powered rigs. Always nice to see :-) .