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Loren Healy wins Dirt Riot Mountain 2.

June 26th2012
 By Thom Kingston on 2012-06-26T08:00:52-06:00 | Dirt Riot

Loren Healy #4428

We took this shot of Loren Healy back in April, which marked the first Mountain Dirt Riot race of 2012. Unfortunately, due to other race commitments we have missed attending the Colorado Springs Dirt Riot races in person for the last three years straight. It’s really too bad as this course is the single closest event to Spidertrax HQ.

Oh well, our lack of attendance certainly doesn’t take away from the event, or the results. We’re happy to say Loren Healy drove his Spider 9 powered Ultra4 to victory, claiming 1st out of 14 racers for this years Colorado Springs Dirt Riot Mountain #2 competition. Congrats to Loren for a well deserved win. Results from this 2nd mountain series Dirt Riot race are below, courtesy of W.E.Rock.