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Crandon photo set complete.

June 25th2012

Finally finished up our photo set from Crandon, available now on Flickr . All photos are licensed under Creative Commons, so feel free to download and share. Next up, Badlands.

A little more Ultra4 action.

June 24th2012


With so much talk surrounding Brad Lovell and his Pro Light win, it’s worth pointing out again Brad was not the only Lovell to compete last weekend. His brother Roger, pictured above, also took the field in their Spider 9 powered Ultra4. Talent clearly runs in the family, as Roger scored a 4th & 9th place spot for the weekend.

We also had our first chance to check out Will Carter’s new Spider 9 powered Ultra4. He’s still working out a few bugs, but no doubt the new rig looked sharp. See for yourself from the shot below, taken right before Will crossed the Crandon finish line.


More Lovell Pro Light action shots.

June 23rd2012


Last weekend was a big weekend for team Lovell Racing. On Saturday, Brad Lovell walked away with 1st place in Pro Light. Winning at Crandon is about as good as it gets. So, here’s two more shots to add to our TORC photo set of Brad Lovell himself.


Launch pad and official Ultra4 scores.

June 22nd2012


Erik Milller is one of our favorite Ultra4s to watch. He’s seasoned, calculated, and of course fast. Certainly one of the top guys to race Crandon last weekend, but like others short course gremlins got the best of his rig. That, plus a hard roll, and things didn’t go quite the way he and his team planned.

His performance turned heads all the same though, and Erik along with the rest of the Ultra4s showed Crandon just how capable these machines really are. The shot above is of Erik Miller, skyrocketing off Crandon’s Launch Pad. No doubt one of our favorite shots of the weekend.

Also, official Ultra4 scores just came in last night, courtesy of Ultra4Racing. Here they are:

Crandon Brush Run Day 1 Results

Place CarNo Name

1 4446 Ferravanti, Gary

2 4420 West, Derek -31.421

3 4404 Nelson, Nick -40.104

4 4421 Miller, Erik -45.146

5 1448 Grady, Thomas -01:13.005

6 4418 Colville, Mike -01:13.067

7 13 Taylor, JT -01:20.877

8 4407 Rodd, Cottin -01:39.162

9 231 Lovell, Roger

10 4434 Yoder, Kevin

11 22 Decker, Scott

12 4456 Feagins, Michael

13 5252 Baird, Bill DNF

14 4435 Sacalas, Kevin DNF

Crandon Brush Run Day 2 Results

Place Car No Name Laps Lag

1 4446 Ferravanti, Gary 8 00.000

2 1448 Grady, Thomas 8 -13.452

3 13 Taylor, JT 8 -23.411

4 231 Lovell, Roger 8 -23.634

5 4407 Rodd, Cottin 8 -31.438

6 4404 Nelson, Nick 8 -41.182

7 4456 Feagins, Michael8 -41.244

8 4434 Yoder, Kevin 8 -44.436

9 22 Decker, Scott 8 -45.582

10 4452 Carter, Will 8 -59.236

11 4420 West, Derek 7 -1 Laps

12 4421 Miller, Erik 7 -1 Laps

13 4435 Sacalas, Kevin 3 -5 Laps

14 5252 Baird, Bill 0


Big Ugly in the Big House.

June 21st2012


After one of the most insane crashes in Ultra4 history, Kevin Sacalas worked non-stop to get his rig, The Big Ugly, back in shape for the rest of the Ultra4 season. Although Crandon isn’t officially part of the Ultra4 series, points wise, with the Big Ugly repaired ahead of schedule, Kevin made the trip to The Big House last weekend.

There’s still a few electrical gremlins to work out in the Big Ugly, which held it back from a top spot, but man was it fast! We’re hoping to see Kevin again next month at Glen Helen. No doubt he’ll be a force to be recorded with.