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Here’s the before, can’t wait to see the after.

July 6th2012
 By Thom Kingston on 2012-07-06T08:00:44-06:00 | Ultimate Adventure

Here's the before, can't wait to see the after.

Back in March, we were paid a visit by Fred Williams of Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road, driving to Spidertrax HQ in his fresh, right off the assembly line, JK pictured above. The reason for the visit? Fred was preparing for this years Petersen’s Ultimate Adventure, and his head was full of crazy out of the box ideas as usual. Always trying to one up himself, Fred set out to build the Ultimate JK for the Ultimate Adventure, and what ultimate trail riding machine would be complete without a full set of Spider 9 axles?

Fast forward to today, and Fred’s Ultimate JK is fully built, Spider 9s and all, and concurring the trails of this week’s Ultimate Adventure trail run. Unfortunately for us, closing on a building the week of the event doesn’t mark high in terms of timing on our part, so we’ve been stuck at HQ while Fred pushes the limits of his new machine. This Saturday, the 7th, marks the last day of wheeling for the Ultimate Adventure gang and it has been eating us up that we haven’t seen the Ultimate JK in person yet. So, in a very last-minute decision, we’ve decided to head out to Idaho and tag along on Fred’s last day of Ultimate Adventure wheeling.

No doubt we’ll come back with stories and photos to share from our day out with the Ultimate JK, of which we’ll be sure to post right here. Stay tuned.