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Ultimate Adventure is, in fact, ultimate.

July 8th2012
 By Thom Kingston on 2012-07-08T07:25:00-06:00 | Ultimate Adventure


Full disclaimer, we cheated. Last Monday, we closed on a new building, a project that was months in the works. Unfortunately, the closing fell right in the middle of this years Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road Ultimate Adventure. Before we go into our cheating confession, we should start with describing what exactly Ultimate Adventure is.

For those new to Ultimate Adventure, think of it as summer camp for die-hard wheelers. Eight days of non stop four wheeling on some of the most impressive, and scenic, trails our country has to offer. There are rules to keep the event more true to the roots of four wheeling, such as having to drive your rig from trail to trail, i.e. no trailers, camping only, and so on. In the end new friends are made, new trails are conquered, and new stories are formed.

Now, about that cheating thing. This year, we were involved with the Ultimate Adventure in a big way. Fred Williams set out to build the Ultimate JK for the Ultimate Adventure (he builds a new vehicle for this event each year), and on that quest he came to Spidertrax for complete front & rear Spider 9 axles. After the fact, we ended up signing on as the official axle for the Ultimate Adventure, really for nothing more than showing our support for such a great event. This gave us a chance to wheel the entire week with the group, but we missed that chance with closing on our new building.

So we flew out for the last day of the adventure, and tagged along. Otherwise known as cheating. The entire group was awesome about it though, and as expected were insanely accommodating and willing to help us catch up on the stories of the week. This all happened yesterday, and we’ll be sure to recant some of the stories of that day throughout this week right here on the blog. For now we’ll start off by saying thanks to Petersen’s and the entire Ultimate Adventure crew, we had a blast.