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Ultra4s take on Badlands, tonight at 7pm!

July 14th2012
 By Thom Kingston on 2012-07-14T06:21:54-06:00 | Ultra4


Time to switch gears, as we transition from old school Ultimate Adventure trail riding to full-on Ultra4 racing. Drivers will take on Badlands, as the next stop in the Ultra4 east coast circuit. Schedule of today’s events are below and we’ll be on field, in typical fashion, capturing the action.

As far as live coverage, we’re not entirely sure if Ultra4 will be firing it up this go around. If they do, it would be hosted at http://ultra4racing.com/live/ and we’ll be sure to feed in live photos as we have done in events past.

Best of luck to all drivers and teams today. Looking forward to another great race!

Saturday, July 13th
9:00AM – Badlands Off Road Park open to public
10:00AM – 12:00PM – Ultra4 and Mod qualifying – Badlands Rock Quarry
5:00PM – Badlands Off Road Park Closes
5:15PM – Start of 4600 and TREK A, B and C class race
6:45PM – End of 4600 and TREC A, B and C class race
7:15PM – Start of 4400 and 4500 Ultra4 race – 2 hour race, anticipate 20 minutes a lap with fast whoop sections, technical rock sections, narrow wooded areas (like Rausch Creek).
7:30 PM – Band and Bar open on site for fans while watching racing.
9:15PM – End of 4400 and 4500 race