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Badlands brings the crowd, excitement, and dust to Ultra4.

July 15th2012
 By Thom Kingston on 2012-07-15T09:43:53-06:00 | Badlands UMC, Ultra4

Erik Miller off the line.

It’s been some time since we wheeled at the Badlands. Just over 12 years ago, we made the trip from New Jersey to Indiana to take part in the very first Zookimelt, a Suzuki Samurai yearly event held right in Badlands Off-Road Park. Fast forward to today, and wouldn’t you know as we pulled into the park the 2012 Zookimelt was just underway. Oh the memories.

The similarities would end there though, as the growth of the park has gone well beyond our expectations from our Zookimelt event from years past. As we pulled in, we weaved through over 3000 people, hundreds of vehicles of all types (dirt bikes, ATVs, Samurais, and of course Ultra4s), and really couldn’t believe what we were seeing. The Badlands Off Road Park has clearly become the staple of its kind, and those enjoying the acres of mixed rocks and desert were truly in the right place.

So that was a bit off topic… let’s get back to Ultra4s. The 2nd Ultra4 event in the East coast circuit, following Rausch Creek, was held at the Badlands last Saturday. The course was approximately 8 miles of desert with a mix of rocks. The goal: race as many laps as possible, as fast as possible, in 2 hours.

When the dust settled, which took some time as it was very dusty, Michael Colville took top honors with Ben Dinkins in 2nd and Derek West in 3rd. It was a great race indeed, and even greater to see how far the park has come. A big thanks to Kyle, owner of the Badlands, for putting on such a great event.

Here’s the UNOFFICIAL top 6. As soon as we get final scores, we’ll be sure to post them on the blog.

1st: Michael Colville #3318
2nd: Ben Dinkins #4403
3rd: Derek West #4420 *
4th: Chicky Barton #144 *
5th: John Sweet #336 *
6th: Erik Miller #4421 *

* Vehicles powered by Spider 9 axles and components.