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Badlands high res photo set now available, with more action on the way!

July 21st2012
 By Thom Kingston on 2012-07-21T07:00:03-06:00 | Badlands UMC, Ultra4

Our small photo set from the 2012 Badlands Ultra4 competition at the Badlands Off Road Park in Attica, IN is now live on Flickr. All vehicles in this set are happily powered by Spidertrax Spider 9 axles and components. All photos shot by Thom Kingston of Spidertrax, licensed under Creative Commons 3.0, so feel free to download and share. All we ask for is credit :-) .

As the title suggests, the action doesn’t stop there. Tonight, Ultra4s are at it again at the Glen Helen raceway in California. Live coverage should be alive and well at http://ultra4racing.com/live when the race goes live at 6:30 pm. We’ll be there for the Ultra4 race, helping out teams and capturing the action as it happens. We’ll also be providing photos for the live coverage, so be sure to check it out to get a look at the race as it happens. Today’s schedule of events for Glen Helen are as follows (courtesy of Ultra4Racing.com):

2012 4WP Glen Helen Grand Prix
Saturday, July 21st

  • 6:30AM – Gates Open
  • 7:30AM – 9AM 4 Wheel Parts Glen Helen Grand Prix UTV & Stock Class Race 
  • 9AM – MANDATORY Lucas Oil Regional Series Drivers Meeting
  • 9:30AM – Currie Enterprises Ultra4 Heat Race (6 laps)
  • 9:45AM – 11:30AM Lucas Oil additional races Practice/Qualifying (4 laps)
  • 12PM – Currie Enterprises Ultra4 Main Event ($250 entry fee w/ $100 going towards purse.  20 truck maximum for payout up to $2000!!  1st-50%, 2nd-30%, 3rd-20%)
  • 12:15PM – 2:15PM Lucas Oil Additional Heat Races (6 laps)
  • 2:30PM – 5:45PM Lucas Oil Main Events
  • 5:45PM – 6:15PM Lucas Oil Awards
  • 6:30PM – 9PM**4 Wheel Parts Glen Helen Grand Prix Ultra 4 Race** no break 
  • 9PM – ? Awards and celebration

As far as turnout, sounds like this is going to be one big race! According to a post by Ultra4 over on Pirate4x4, here’s a list of already registered drivers:1 Clint Ellett Mod
2 Larry McRae Mod
3 Mitch Funk Mod
4 Troy Stone Mod
5 Chris Marquart stock
6 Gerald Lee stock
7 Jeff Rector stock
8 Josiah Begay stock
9 Brian Rector UTV
10 Logan Gastel UTV
11 Dean Bulloch UTV
12 Todd Stephenson UTV
13 Alex Hardaway U4
14 Andy Brown U4
15 Bill Baird U4 qualified
16 Brandon Heyes U4
17 Brent Goegebuer U4
18 Brian Shirley U4 qualified
19 Chris Garrison U4
20 Chris Midkiff U4
21 Cody Addington U4 qualified
22 Cottin Rodd U4 qualified
23 Daren Runion U4
24 Darren Henke U4 qualified
25 David Ashman U4
26 Eric Anderson U4
27 Gary Ferravanti U4 qualified
28 Greg Lundeen U4
29 Hal Deschamp U4
30 Jason Scherer. U4 qualified
31 Jim Brown U4
32 Kevin Sacalas U4
33 Kevin Yoder U4
34 Levi Shirley U4 qualified
35 Loren Healy U4 qualified
36 Matt Messer U4 qualified
37 Michael Amaral U4
38 Nick Campbell U4
39 Paul Garner U4
40 Richie Carter U4
41 Rick Mooneyham U4 qualified
42 Scott Ward U4 qualified
43 Shannon Campbell U4 qualified
44 Shawn Rants U4
45 Todd McCullen U4
46 Tom Wayes U4
47 Warren Thomas U4
48 JT Stephens U4
49 Marcos Gomez U4
50 Jon Cagliero U4
51 Matt Nieman U4
52 TJ Flores U4
53 Nick Nelson U4 qualified
54 Kevin Gamble U4
55 Randy Avery  U4

No doubt this is going to be one EPIC race. Alright, that’s it for now, we’re off to Glen Helen. Hope to see you at the race, and if you can’t make it, hope to see you online at http://ultra4racing.com/live/ by 6:30 pm.