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Down the ridge line.

July 26th2012

One of our favorite spots at Glen Helen is the ridge line going up the mountain side. This year, drivers came down the line instead of up as Jason Scherer shows us here. Equally as cool.

LED light bars come in handy.

July 26th2012

With the race kicking off after 7pm PST, it was mostly night wheeling for the Glen Helen Grand Prix. Good thing for LED light bars.


July 25th2012

Here’s another shot of Loren Healy from last Saturday’s Glen Helen Grand Prix, doing what he does best.

Gettin’ it.

July 25th2012

There’s two speeds for Jason. Stopped, and full throttle. Pretty much always full throttle though.

There’s fast, and then there’s Scherer.

July 24th2012

As mentioned in a previous post, Jason Scherer was fast, real fast in fact, at Glen Helen. While sometime past the half way point his transmission went, taking him out of the race, there’s no denying that while on course, all eyes were on him. He qualified first the day before, and lap after lap he furthered his lead on race day. He seemed unstoppable, but Glen Helen is just as much endurance as it is speed, and that’s just the way it is. Despite being taken out fairly early, he still managed to place 31st out of 42 racers.