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5 days left to save the Hammers.

August 8th2012
 By Thom Kingston on 2012-08-08T07:55:49-06:00 | King of the Hammers

There’s five days left in the SaveTheHammers.org campaign to, you guessed it, save the Hammers. If you are new to this campaign, be sure to catch up on it HERE. Once you’re filled in and ready for action, here’s the representative on today’s call and/or fax list:

Wednesday August 8th, 2012 Please call and/or fax: 
Rep. Buck McKeon (R-CA 25) or 
Deputy COS Bob Haueter 
Santa Clarita 661-254-2111 fax 661-254-2380

From what we are seeing over at the Save the Hammers Facebook page, people are united and active. That’s a good thing :) .