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Another win for Nick “The Unstoppable” Nelson.

August 19th2012
 By Thom Kingston on 2012-08-19T07:55:39-06:00 | Ultra4, Vegas to Reno

America’s largest off-road race, Vegas to Reno, comes to a close and 534 miles later, Nick Nelson takes top honors in the 4400 class. From morning to next morning (yes, it spanned two days), we had the great honor and pleausre of chasing the race, caputring photos along the way as 19 Ultra4 4400 drivers battled it out in the Nevada desert. It was an amazing experience to say the least, and we’re exciting to go through our photos of which we’ll be posting throughtout the week.

We’re still waiting on official scores from Best in the Desert, the racing organization that puts on Vegas to Reno, but we can say unofficially Nick Nelson took first, followed by Jason Shipman, Kevin Sacalas, and Brad & Roger Lovell. We left shortly after the Lovells crossed the finish line (about 1am) so we can say with confidence those were the unofficial top four. We’re seeing Facebook posts of other Ultra4s crossing the finish after that, so we’ll be sure to get the updated times posted as soon as they come in.